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AMTRON® 4You Family

AMTRON® 4You - the whole world of charging in one product family

From easy to simply smart; always tailored to meet the customers' needs.

Welcome to our AMTRON® 4You Family, which covers the wide variety of charging needs: from simple to simply smart, tailored to meet the individual needs of the users. Operation takes place according to preferences, either using a button or an app. Specifically developed for charging at home, our product series offers a well thought-out total package consisting of three product series. AMTRON® 4You 100, 300 and 500.

Functionality, high-quality workmanship and an appealing design are compelling arguments for our wall-mount chargers. Manufactured in Germany, each product stands for quality, innovative technology and appealing haptics. AMTRON 4You can be installed in the garage, carport or simply outside.

The entry-level model, AMTRON® 4You 100, offers basic functions. The AMTRON® 4You 300 offers all the features of the 100-type model plus it allows entry-level charging with solar power; an electronic key system (RFID) is included. The premium model, AMTRON® 4You 500, provides the ultimate experience with exclusive functions and maximum convenience. You can further explore the option of customizing the look of the charging station. Replaceable covers in eleven different colors to choose from, provided as an accessory, let you add a personal touch to your wall-mount charger.

All highlights of the entire AMTRON® 4 You Family at a glance:

Depending on the specific model, the 4You family includes the following functions.

The AMTRON® family covers all possibilities of charging at home. An overview of the most important functions of the different variants is given here:


  • Plug it in and start charging / charging with ease: effortless charging, just plug it in! The MENNEKES wall-mount charger makes charging your electric vehicle genuinely simple.
  • Straightforward charging using an electronic key (RFID): security takes priority! RFID for maximum security so that only authorized users can charge their vehicles.
  • Straightforward solar charging (with external meters / without a home energy management system): exploiting solar energy made easy! Our wall-mount charger allows charging with solar power using external meters.
  • Operation via app or at the device as an option: the control is in your hands! Control the wall-mount charger comfortably via app or pushbuttons. Easy operation, anywhere.
  • Flexible connectivity for home energy management systems: various interfaces allow the MENNEKES wall-mount charger to be connected to different home energy management systems. Dependent on the HEMS, intelligent charging with solar power or optimized building energy management can thus be realized.
  • Exporting of statistics (company car): data for an improved overview! Our wall-mount charger allows exporting the charging statistics effortlessly using the app to settle company car charging, for example.
  • Flexible networking: our wall-mount charger can be networked via WiFi/LAN.
  • Thanks to automated "over the air" updates, you will effortlessly use the latest version at all times.
  • Prepared for ISO 15118: our wall-mount charger is already equipped with the hardware required for meeting ISO 15118. This way, devices will be "Plug&Charge" compatible with an update. Just plug it in and the charging process starts automatically.
  • Load management: optimal load distribution! Our wall-mount charger with load management ensures that the distribution of electricity is efficiently controlled. This way, overloading the building's power supply can be avoided.

A product family for all applications.

From simple to simply smart – for every user the right wall-mount charger.

Each product variant has additional features. 

4You: add your personal touch with a replaceable cover in one of eleven colors to choose from.

AMTRON® 4You 100, 300 and 500 Each variant of the product family includes the following features:

Sustainable charging station "made in Germany"

Every single AMTRON® 4You charging station is manufactured 100% in Germany and is subject to precise CO2 balancing. MENNEKES contributes to environmental protection by investing in sustainability projects in Brazil and Peru to preserve forests and protect endangered species. Find out more about the transparent CO2 calculations and the pioneering charging technology of AMTRON® 4You.


Elegance with each charge for the entire AMTRON® 4You Family

Explore the world of intelligent charging infrastructures with our AMTRON® 4You wall-mount charger series. Impressing haptics and first-class quality are among the compelling features of the entire series. This way, your customers will charge their electric vehicles in style, and experience the modern way of charging with all that it has to offer.

Freedom everywhere: our wall-mount charger for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our wall-mount charger is perfect for any situation, whether indoor or outdoor. Your customers enjoy the freedom to design their charging location - without any restraints as to the location.

Effortlessly charging: our wall-mount charger facilitates cable handling.

Facilitate your customers' charging experience with our wall-mount charger – as usual, the handling of cables is not an issue. This is what makes convenient and stress-free charging of an electric vehicle possible. Let your customers discover the ease of mobility and smarter charging.

Always in view: our wall-mount charger with an intelligent LED status display.

Charging the electric vehicle with ease and everything in sight. The LED status display of our wall-mount charger lets you know the charge status at all times. Easy, efficient, innovative – experience the future of electric mobility in a clear light.

Variety with style: our wall-mount charger with replaceable cover!

Your customers can adapt their charging station to their personal style! The innovative design lets you change the color of the wall-mount charger cover with ease. Bring color into the charging experience of your customers by charging the electric vehicle with a wall-mount charger that suits the color preferences of your customers.

AMTRON® 4You 300 and 500 Features specific to these two variants:

Individualized operation and maximum monitoring.

Your customers can design their electric vehicle charging operation according to their preferences. Essential operations such as solar charging can be performed directly at the device.

Secure and smart: our wall-mount charger with RFID access control

Protect your charging experience with our wall-mount charger – authorization via RFID ensures maximum security. Discover the future of secure electric mobility with access control.

Pure solar power: our wall-mount charger with solar charging and smart energy management

Use the power of the sun with our wall-mount charger! Whether or not your customers have a home energy management system – they can design their electric vehicle charging operation to be efficient and sustainable.

AMTRON® 4You 500 Features that are only included in this variant.

Boosting efficiency and minimizing management effort: with our company car billing feature

Companies and users of company cars alike can benefit from attractive tax advantages. These consist of two essential components. On the one hand, there is a compensation for possible disadvantages regarding the taxation of the private use of company cars. On the other hand, there is a tax exemption when it comes to the tax on electric motor vehicles. In both cases, the ability to export charging statistics makes it easy for you to evaluate charging events, power consumption and costs and settle them – everything is clearly organized to facilitate monitoring.

Bright welcome: our wall-mount charger with a homecoming function

Discover a new dimension of charging – our wall-mount charger with area lighting will welcome your customers. The homecoming function creates a welcoming atmosphere and facilitates convenient charging after dark. Electric mobility with an illuminated charging experience.

Twice as smart: our wall-mount charger with apps for professionals and drivers

Perfect synergy – our wall-mount charger offers two apps: one for installers and another one for electric vehicle drivers. Easy installation, seamless monitoring. Charging now and networking smartly!

AMTRON® 4Drivers appAMTRON® 4Installers app

From basic to premium: our wall-mount chargers – all in one!

Meet our wall-mount charger family that offers all the options, from basic functions to a smart wall-mount charger. Each further level includes the advantages of the preceding level so that you can find exactly the charging station that meets the needs of your customers. Future-proof charging, from the beginning to the end.

AMTRON® 4You 100 - easy, secure, efficient: our entry-level wall-mount charger for straightforward charging

Convenient charging – no frills! Our wall-mount charger facilitates cable handling, provides ease of use and more secure and faster charging than using a receptacle. No authorization is required – simply plug it in and start charging. A focus on what is essential, no unnecessary costs. The entry ticket into the world of electric mobility.

Discover AMTRON 4You 100

AMTRON® 4You 300 - smart and straightforward: our simple wall-mount charger for PV charging for the future

Charge intelligently and securely with our solar wall-mount charger. Easy solar charging meets reliable access control. Perfect for everybody who wants to purchase a photovoltaic system in the future that is not bound to a specific manufacturer. Change solar charge modes directly at the device – no app. Discover the ease of solar charging.

Discover AMTRON 4You 300

AMTRON® 4You 500 - charging intelligently, shaping the future: our innovative wall-mount charger

Convenience to perfection with our wall-mount charger – convenient app operation, various solar charging options, HEMS connectivity and area lighting with homecoming function.  Use the app to export the charging statistics and personalize the charging station. All set to optimally meet all present and future requirements. Charging now; start shaping the future of electric mobility.

Discover the AMTRON 4You 500

All the information can be found in the AMTRON® 4You product flyers

Download our exclusive wall-mount charger flyer now and learn all there is to know about innovative technologies for effortless, secure and intelligent charging.