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Intelligentes Lastmanagement für Parkplätze

Charge up in Control

Wallboxes and charging columns with load management

Control charging currents professionally

The construction and operation of a networked charging infrastructure for properties such as apartment buildings, businesses and fleet operators should be well planned. In addition to the installation of the right hardware, professional control and the possibility of connection and integration into a suitable energy management concept are also crucial.
The solution is an intelligent, automated load management. This means that all the electric vehicles to be charged can be supplied with the necessary power. Homeowners with a solar power system also benefit from a wallbox with intelligent load management. 

How does intelligent load management work?

When the electric vehicle is charging, it is not the only consumer in the company or property. At certain times of the day, many electric vehicles may need to charge at the same time - or charge when other electricity consumers are at their maximum demand (hotel kitchens, production halls, air conditioning systems, residential units after work, etc.). This is where load management, also known as "smart charging" or charge management, comes into play.  

Intelligent load and charge management means not exceeding the building's grid connection capacity while distributing the available power to all consumers as optimally as possible. This means that all vehicles to be charged can be supplied with the necessary power. Therefore, during phases when many vehicles are charging at the same time, your operational reliability and cost security are guaranteed at all times. The load management system regulates the charging power, thus avoiding expensive load peaks.

MENNEKES offers this important component as an essential element of networked charging solutions for controlling the operation of multiple charging points intelligently and economically. Charging solutions by MENNEKES stand for safe charging, optimum power distribution and cost-optimization at all times. 

Your advantages at a glance

Flexibility and convenience

  • Increase availability of charging points 
  • Intelligent, dynamic control for fastest possible charging

Reduction in costs

  • Peak load avoidance 
  • Reduced expansion of the grid connection 
  • Energy consumption during favorable tariff periods 
  • Optimal use of renewable energies 

Operational reliability

  • No overloading of available power supply 
  • Simultaneously charge as many vehicles as possible 
  • Dynamic consideration of fluctuations in consumption 

Operational reliability

Reduction in costs

Flexibility and convenience

Static load management

The maximum available current of a property or the supply network connection is known (dark gray line). Based on empirical values, the maximum available current of the entire charging infrastructure at the connection point is also known or can be determined (light gray line). Static load management means that, in the charging infrastructure, this upper limit of the available charging current can be set by a specialist technician. The load management system distributes the power to all charging points in operation and thus avoids exceeding the specification. 

Dynamic load management

For dynamic load management, the electricity consumption of the property or supply network connection is measured at regular intervals. The maximum available current for the charging infrastructure can be derived from the identified values (light gray line). The load management system intelligently distributes the charging current to all connected vehicles. This dynamic upper limit of the available electricity is not exceeded. 

Load management for small properties 

Single family homes and apartment buildings

In small properties, such as single family homes and apartment buildings, personal consumption of solar power can be maximized by networking with one of our AMTRON® wallboxes and a home energy management system. In the future it will also be possible to connect to a smart meter gateway via an intelligent interface. 

Load management for large properties 


The Professional charging systems are integrated into companies' existing networks via point-to-point Ethernet. A Professional+ charging system, the AMTRON® Professional wallbox or the AMEDIO® Professional charging column serves as the master for all other charging systems. In the case of multiple charging points, due to limited grid capacity the total power required by the vehicles may exceed that which can be provided by the electricity supplier or power distributor. This is where the load management system intervenes as a higher-level controller and coordinates the charging currents of the individual charging points.

Effective blackout protection 

The MENNEKES charging stations of the AMTRON® Professional and AMEDIO® Professional product ranges offer the integrated function "local blackout protection" in the form of dynamic load management. This means that operational reliability is always guaranteed, as the existing power supply is not overloaded. Fluctuations in consumption in the property are taken into account in a flexible manner. The prerequisite is to determine the current value specification using an additional external measuring device. Networking between the energy meter and the charging station can take place via a direct connection or an Ethernet network connection. 

Connection to an energy management system

The charging infrastructure is integrated into the property's energy management system (EMS) using established interfaces and protocols. Compatibility and interoperability is provided with many EMS manufacturers. Phase-accurate load management includes configurable unbalanced load avoidance. 

MENNEKES Professional charging solutions with integrated load management

With the AMTRON® Professional wallbox and AMEDIO® Professional charging column, the load management charging solutions from MENNEKES, you get a strong overall package for setting up a future-proof charging infrastructure for different needs: high safety requiremenes, customer-friendly operation, networking capability for implementing requirement-based billing, system monitoring and load management in one solution. 

Advice, sales, installation and service by qualified electricians

Advice, purchasing and professional installation of your MENNEKES charging solutions is handled by your local specialist. Your local installer is on hand with his know-how and will be pleased to advise you!