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Safe charging at the charging station

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MENNEKES charging columns

Intelligent solutions for semi-public and public charging

Registrations of electric vehicles are constantly increasing. And with them, the demand for convenient charging solutions. We charge where vehicles park for longer periods of time. MENNEKES charging stations are designed as "Made in Germany" solutions for business operators, energy suppliers and municipal providers, primarily intended for charging in semi-public and public areas.  

AMEDIO® Professional charging columns – ideal for industry and commerce

MENNEKES AMEDIO® Professional charging columns, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and future-proof features, offer many advantages for industrial and commercial operators: effective load management that ensures operational reliability, even when many cars are charging at the same time, or the "Plug & Charge" option with automatic authorization without a charging card or app. AMEDIO® Professional can be used to create a charging infrastructure that meets your needs, from a single charging point to a networked solution - even at different locations.

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