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MENNEKES Ladekabel spiral Typ 2 verbindet E-Auto und Ladestation

MENNEKES charging cables

MENNEKES Type 2 charging cables

For safe charging on the road

As developer of the Type 2 plug, MENNEKES is a pioneer in the field of charging cables and has an extensive product range for Mode 2 and Mode 3 charging cables. 

Mode 3 charging cable

The link between electric vehicle and charging station

A Mode 3 charging cable is a connecting cable between the charging station and the electric vehicle. With the MENNEKES Mode 3, Type 2 charging cable, you can easily charge all vehicles with a Type 2 plug - the MENNEKES Type 2 plug is standard in Europe! – Connect to public charging stations or to wallboxes with a charging socket.  

MENNEKES charging cables are available in different versions. Whether as a straight variant or (new) also in spiralized form - our charging cables impress due to their robust quality and absolute long-term durability. Plugs and connectors are cast, which means that they can even be run over by a car without breaking. The cables are protected against dust and water. Plugs and connectors have protective flaps as standard in order to reliably prevent contamination and moisture in the interior. 

The new charging cable variant in spiral form also has the advantage that it can be stored in a way that saves even more space; also, it doesn't touch the floor during the charging process. 

MENNEKES Mode 2 charging cable

Charging at SCHUKO or CEE receptacles

A mobile Mode 2 charging cable, also known as an emergency charging cable, can be used to charge up an electric or hybrid vehicle using any standard electrical outlet (Schuko) or CEE receptacle whenever there is no permanently installed charging station available. In this case, the control unit assumes all safety-related functions such as for example 

  • a detection for AC and DC fault currents incl. resulting switch-off (if a fault is detected, the unit switches off - it switches back on automatically when the fault is no longer present), 
  • the multi-stage temperature management and 
  • the automatic charge current reduction in case of overheating of the Schuko plug or the charging module  

Mode 2 charging cables from MENNEKES deliver charging power up to 3.7 kW. They are user-friendly as no further settings need to be made. The enclosure is so robust that it can even be run over by a car. The protection types IP 44 (plug-in devices) and IP 67 (charging module) provide safety against dust and water.