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Mieterin nutzt ihre Wallbox am eigenen Stellplatz im Freien

Charging solutions for tenants

Charging stations for rental apartments

Safe and convenient charging for tenants

You live in a rented apartment and are looking for a way to charge your e-car on the associated parking space? You have been thinking about installing your own private charging point? MENNEKES charging stations with access control are perfectly tailored to your requirements.  

Charging station with access protection via RFID card system

"Private charging" does not always mean that one's own charging solution is attached and housed in a garage, well shielded from the outside. Especially in the case of an outdoor parking space or a carport, the wallbox is accessible to strangers. The solution: a charging station with access protection. The AMTRON® Professional charging station is perfect for parking spaces that are not in a private garage. This is because the RFID card system and user-friendly operation via a web interface make it easy to protect access to the energy extraction.

With your RFID chip, only you have access to your charging station. If several e-car drivers are to use the charging station, this can also be easily implemented via access control with RFID in combination with the web interface control. The only requirement is that you connect the AMTRON® Professional charger to your home network with a LAN cable.

Uncomplicated billing of the electricity charged

With the AMTRON® Professional, electricity billing is also straightforward. This can be done for instance conveniently via the utility bill if the wallbox can be directly allocated to the electricity consumption of the residential unit. You could also use the charging statistics, which can be exported from the charging station with the help of the web interface. So you as a tenant can simply charge at home and drive sustainably!

Please refer to the laws in your respective country on how to correctly bill the electricity charged and consult your landlord before buying your charging station!

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