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Charging stations for housing complexes

Charge up your Property!

More attractive properties and longer leases

Would you like to succeed in the housing market with innovative equipment and sustainable concepts? As a property owner, you can make a valuable contribution to green mobility by installing charging stations in your car parks. Intelligent MENNEKES charging stations for apartment buildings improve your standing as a landlord and allow you to secure decisive competitive advantages and benefits not only from long-term leases. Our charging solutions are easy to install outdoors or inside single-vehicle or underground garages.

Safe, robust and convenient charging solutions from MENNEKES for residential facilities

These days, tenants have high expectations of a house or apartment, which should include a user-friendly charging facility for their own electric vehicles. MENNEKES Professional charging systems even make it easy to equip older apartment buildings or large residential complexes with a networked charging infrastructure. They let you add substantial value and ideally prepare your property to meet all future requirements. 

The robust MENNEKES AMTRON® Professional wallboxes and AMEDIO® charging columns are easy and intuitive for your tenants to use. If many tenants charge at the same time, the MENNEKES load management system ensures complete operational reliability for the entire rental unit while efficiently distributing the available current.

Transparent billing for tenants and landlords

The energy used to charge the e-cars can be billed clearly and conveniently to benefit both tenants and landlords. Depending on the installation, preferences and applicable laws, the power used for charging can be invoiced together with the utility service charges, in the form of a flat rate or via a backend system. Get advice from an expert in advance to identify the best possible solution for you and your tenants. To prevent use by unauthorized persons, access to the charging station can be secured intelligently using an RFID charging card instead of a key. This way, property owners and building managers can easily keep track of how much electricity has been consumed by whom and invoice it. 

Charging columns for your tenants' parking spaces

Lay the foundation for a future-proof and safe charging infrastructure in apartment buildings with AMEDIO® charging columns from MENNEKES. Because with the AMEDIO® charging station you are choosing a robust, future-proof and safe charging station that combines all the important technical requirements to provide operators of charging systems in large residential complexes with the perfect charging system for their entry into electromobility - including reliable load management and various options for electricity billing.

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Wallboxes for rental properties

Today's tenants have high expectations of an apartment, and this includes a user-friendly charging option for their own electric car. The installation of charging infrastructure at outdoor parking spaces or in underground parking is complex, not only technically, but often also in terms of the available space. Our solution: The compact, easy-to-operate MENNEKES AMTRON® Professional wall-mount charger, which meets all the requirements of a professional charging solution for large-scale rental companies.

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Advice and installation from the expert

MENNEKES provides you with the right charging solution for your individual charging situation. Your local installer is on hand with plenty of expertise for more in-depth advice and the installation of your charging solution - because the installation and maintenance of charging stations must be performed by a qualified electrician!