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AMAXX – The successful series for every requirement.
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Power your Business

The right solution for every application.

Reliable power for data centers

At work, in commerce, at home and practically everywhere else, the world is steadily digitalizing. Cloud computing and Big Data, E-commerce, IT applications used in business, by government agencies, and in research, finance and the health sector, streaming platforms and video meetings all place heavy demands on data centers. All this activity calls for dependable solutions for plugs and sockets to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

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Reliable power distribution in tunnels and at train stations

Day after day, trains and streetcars carry millions of passengers on hundreds of thousands of kilometers of track worldwide. Dependable, safe power distribution in tunnels and stations is essential. Our specially developed solutions make a major contribution to ensuring it:

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Reliable energy distribution for shipyards, ports and ships

Full steam ahead with MENNEKES! A stable, reliable power source is essential for construction and repair work in shipyards and for operating ships, yachts, and containers in ports and at sea. Get appropriate mobile and stationary solutions from us:

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Stable distribution of energy and data

Manufacturers of vehicles, aircraft, and machines, the food sector, and the metalworking, chemical, and aluminum industries, among many others, all need power and data to safely and reliably operate their machines. No modern-day industrial facility can get by without power and data distibutors. This is where MENNEKES comes into play:

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Reliable energy distribution for events, fairs, exhibition and congress centers

Trade fairs and conventions, music, sports, and cultural events: their success depends on a reliable power supply. Our robust, flexibly adaptable products let you dependably distribute power and data. Trade fair companies, event organizers, sports facility operators, exhibitors, and event technicians worldwide rely on on our high-quality products. Convince yourself:

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Reliable power distribution for the mining industry

Dust, stones and mud, moisture, extreme temperatures and equipment that can weigh tons: below-ground and surface mining is a rough business. The harsh conditions take a heavy toll on tools and materials. Fortunately, our plugs and sockets as well as receptacle combinations let you safely and flexibly distribute power in even the most adverse environments:

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Find the right industrial plugs and sockets for every application.

Our PowerTOP Xtra family: CEE plugs and connectors for all applications

In the manufacturing and mining sectors, in ports, and in recreational vehicle parks: power needs to be reliably supplied in a wide range of challenging situations. We've concentrated all of our CEE know-how in a top-quality product family! Our PowerTOP Xtra CEE plugs and CEE connectors are available in 16, 32, 63, and 125 A versions.

PowerTOP® Xtra CEE plugs and CEE connectors
MENNEKES receptacle combinations

To support this claim, we provide a comprehensive range of receptacle combinations. Whether wall, ceiling or floor - as a specialist in industrial connectors, MENNEKES offers the right receptacle combinationfor every requirement. Even with the standard variants, we cover a very wide range:

MENNEKES receptacle combinations
Current news

Statement by MENNEKES on the war in Ukraine

Christopher Mennekes, Chief Executive Officer of MENNEKES, on the war in Ukraine:

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MENNEKES products not affected by Log4j IT security vulnerability

Last week the IT security vulnerability Log4Shell was published. It makes digital infrastructure, online applications and networked devices…

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