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Charging solutions for companies

Charge up your Business!

Benefit as a company from electromobility

Do you want to start your electric company fleet? Would you like to give your staff the opportunity to charge their personal electric vehicles at work? And also allow visitors charge up in your company car park? It's a great decision! With your own charging stations, you make your company more attractive while strengthening the satisfaction and loyalty of your staff. And that's not all: moving up to eMobility also unlocks business and tax benefits in many countries as well as new business opportunities.  

The right partner for your charging infrastructure

MENNEKES charging stations for companies ensure that you are well equipped to meet a wide range of requirements: 

  • Your employees can charge their electric vehicles during working hours. This makes you an attractive employer and binds talented employees to the company in the long term. 
  • With charging solutions, you also offer customers and guests an extra service that will delight them. You can easily bill customers and employees for the charged electricity. 
  • Your own electric company cars and fleet vehicles are charged safely and efficiently in the company car park. 

MENNEKES wallboxes and charging columns for companies make it easy for your company to get started with eMobility. 

Innovative charging solutions for companies

MENNEKES charging columns and wallboxes are designed so you can start small if you want to: without networking and management. As your electric fleet then grows, we offer charging stations with intelligent technologies such as load management and flexible billing options. These systems intelligently control and distribute electricity consumption. Professional access and billing systems guarantee cost-effective operation of the company's charging infrastructure.  

From load management for safe operation, also when many cars are charging at the same time, all the way to a plug & charge option (automatic authorization without a charging card or app) - MENNEKES offers a wide product range of billable charging systems. With AMEDIO® charging columns and AMTRON® Professional wallboxes, MENNEKES has the perfect product variation for every requirement. 

Secure charging stations for your company parking lot

Effective sustainability concepts and intelligent, clean electromobility are becoming increasingly important - also for companies. With the AMEDIO® Professional charging stations, we offer companies a solution optimized for cost-benefit, equipped with the latest technology and designed for durability and sustainability.

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Upgrade your company parking lot

We make it easy for you to set up a charging infrastructure that is precisely tailored to your needs right from the start. Our versatile product portfolio has intelligent, flexible charging solutions ready for you for all electromobility requirements.

Our AMTRON® Professional wallboxes are perfectly tailored for use in your company or customer parking lot. They are also the perfect solution when it comes to equipping your company car drivers with charging stations for their homes!

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Advice and installation from the expert

MENNEKES provides you with the right charging solution for your individual charging situation. Your local installer is on hand with plenty of expertise for more in-depth advice and the installation of your charging solution - because the installation and maintenance of a charging station must be performed by a qualified electrician!