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Smart charging

Charging made easy.

The AMTRON® 4Drivers app for all electric vehicle drivers.

AMTRON® 4Drivers app – this innovative app for the AMTRON® 4You 500 and AMTRON® 4Business 700 has a modern, clear design and provides maximum functionality. Starting, stopping and monitoring – all from one app. Solar charging, company car billing, vehicle management for up to ten vehicles, data export functions for statistics, user and RFID management, as well as the latest news and FAQs are what make this app the perfect solution for meeting all charging requirements.

Highlights at a glance:


Effortlessly check your wall-mount charger at the tip of a finger.


Use personalized favorites to design your charging experience.

Immediate access

Quick and direct device button selection of your favorite.

Data intelligence

Use comprehensive statistics for efficient management.

The solution for every charging need

The AMTRON® 4Drivers app – all functions at a glance.

Intuitive charging station management

Starting, stopping and checking the wall-mount charger status conveniently from a smartphone – full control over all charging activities at all times. Our app features a clear, uncluttered design, facilitating easy control of charging processes. Combining all amenities in one intelligent charging solution; this is how the charging of electric vehicles turns into a straightforward and enjoyable experience.

Configurable charging favorites

Create a personalized charging favorite. Whether solar charging (using solar power to charge electric vehicles), quick charging (faster charging due to higher charging power) or customized charging (intelligent control of charging process to optimize energy consumption, costs and grid loads): simply configure and adapt the charging parameters and settings according to your requirements and preferences, and save. Then open the personalized charging favorite at the push of a button to enable the preferred charging options in an instant.

Charging with solar energy: our solar charging function

The advantages of using the solar charging favorite are obvious: maximizing the utilization of renewable energy by adapting the wall-mount charger according to the solar cycle. Simply save the preferred settings and open them anytime with the push of a button. The ability to adapt to the local conditions serves to achieve both: an optimization of the energy efficiency and a reduction in the carbon footprint. Simply have the sun do the work and enjoy sustainable charging.

AMTRON® 4You 500

Enter the next level of electric mobility. Click here to learn more about the functions and the innovative design of the AMTRON® 4You 500. In conjunction with the AMTRON® 4Drivers app, it is the perfect charging solutions for advocates of solar energy or company car drivers.


Statistics and company car billing

A comprehensive overview of all the charging activities is possible with our app in an instant. The detailed statistics provide insights into your charging behavior and allow precise analyses. This information can be easily exported and integrated into company car billing whereby the sending of automated emails provides an additional convenience. This app therefore goes beyond simply checking the charge status and becomes an indispensable tool for the effective and transparent management of charging activities.

Management of vehicles made easy

This app can be used to manage up to ten vehicles, directly and with ease, via RFID cards. The intuitive differentiation between company cars, private cars and cars of guests provides a clear structure. Advanced data export functions allow customers to design their load management and controlled charging processes with precision. The app therefore offers an efficient means of managing various electric vehicles, whereby the differentiated control structure allows realizing a charging solution that is tailored to each vehicle.

User and RFID management

The app provides electric vehicle drivers with the unique opportunity of designing their charging activity according to their personal preferences. By using comprehensive user profiles and RFID access points, they have control over their charging preferences and can adapt these as needed. This means that every charging behavior can be adapted to meet distinct preferences and requirements. From the preferred charging speed to adapting charging times – the app offers a charging solution that is personalized to each electric vehicle driver. This is what makes charging efficient and turns it into an enjoyable convenience.

AMTRON® 4Business 700

Discover new horizons in electric mobility by exploring the AMTRON® 4Business 700 wall-mount charger, the innovative charging solution for commercial applications.


AMTRON® 4Installers app

Also explore our AMTRON® 4Installers app – a pioneering solution that has been specifically designed and developed for installers. This app enables the effortless and efficient commissioning of wall-mount chargers and provides a fast access point to numerous intelligent operating functions. Benefit from the advantages of this innovative application to optimize your installation processes and work even more effectively.


Information for downloading

At a glance, the product flyer provides all the important information and advantages associated with the AMTRON® 4You 500 and AMTRON® 4Business 700.