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MENNEKES charging solutions for hotels

Green image, great business potential

Charge up at your Hotel!

Did you know that more and more e-car drivers are specifically looking for hotels with charging options on booking portals? As a hotelier who offers convenient charging points to business and private travellers, you stand out from the competition and gain relevant competitive advantages. 

Good ratings in hotel portals, new guests who become regulars and additional revenue opportunities are chances that you can use for your hotel. MENNEKES makes it easy for you to set up a charging infrastructure that is precisely tailored to your needs right from the start.

Future-proof business model for your hotel

MENNEKES charging stations and wallboxes are winning over more and more hotel operators. They are robust, look elegant and have all the important technical innovations for an easy and at the same time future-proof entry into electromobility. With MENNEKES charging systems, you have full transparency and control over your new charging infrastructure and its utilisation. 

The administration is simple and the charging points are intuitive and easy to use for your guests. Our charging solutions can be easily integrated into your existing parking concept and successively expanded. Thanks to the intelligent MENNEKES charging and load management, an unlimited number of charging points can be controlled simultaneously. 

As a free-standing charging station, the maintenance-friendly AMEDIO® offers the most advanced standards in eMobility. The integrated modem and the open communication standard in accordance with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) enable your charging system to be operated with various software backends for monitoring, control and energy billing.

MENNEKES charging columns - a premium service in your car park

AMEDIO® Professional charging columns in your hotel car park allow you to benefit from a safe and easy-to-use charging infrastructure for your guests. And the best thing is that billing for the charged power is no problem at all! Benefit from our experience and customised complete solutions in the field of eMobility. As a hotelier who focuses strongly on sustainability and decides to invest in your own MENNEKES charging infrastructure, you will stand out from the competition and gain relevant competitive advantages.

Discover AMEDIO® Professional charging columns
Safe charging for your guests

With AMTRON® Professional wallboxes, convenience for your hotel guests also extends to the car park. Your guests can easily charge their cars overnight and you benefit from additional revenue and satisfied customers!

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Flexible billing options

Offer your guests a convenient charging option for their electric vehicle. After all, anyone travelling with an electric car is looking for ways to charge it quickly and easily. Preferably overnight.

We make it easy for hoteliers to use, manage and control their new charging infrastructure, including suitable billing options with the flexible connection to professional billing software via the OCPP standard (e.g. from chargecloud GmbH).

Advice and installation from the expert

MENNEKES provides you with the right charging solution for your individual charging situation. Your local installer is on hand with plenty of expertise for more in-depth advice and the installation of your charging solution - because the installation and maintenance of a MENNEKES charging station must be performed by a qualified electrician!