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Solaranlage auf einem Flachdach

Comfortable solar charging at home

AMTRON® wallboxes and solar panels

A great combination for eco-friendly eMobility

MENNEKES makes it easy for you to get around with solar energy. With a photovoltaic system and the right AMTRON® charger, it's very easy for you to sustainably charge up your electric car with solar power. Depending on the required functionality and your living situation, you can choose between the AMTRON® Compact 2.0s and AMTRON® Professional for combinationa with a solar panel system.

Wallbox and photovoltaics

Why combining them pays off

Climate change, a diminishing supply of fossil fuels, air pollution: going forward it's essential to achieve carbon neutrality. The benefits of solar charging are obvious: self-produced power makes both environmental and financial sense because it reduces your energy costs despite rising prices. A combination of wall charger and solar system lets you use self-generated power for driving your electric car while boosting home consumption of solar energy. Instead of selling power from your roof to the grid at unreasonably low rates, use it to charge your car!

Charge flexibly when and as you want and gain independence from large power companies. Yet another benefit: purchases of photovoltaic and home charging systems are being subsidised by various programmes across Europe.

Advantages of solar charging at a glance

Environmentally friendly

  • Efficient use of self-generated carbon-neutral power
  • Optimised for home use
  • Good for the climate and natural resources
  • Solar systems are recyclable


  • Your car operates on free solar power
  • Lower energy costs
  • Many opportunities to benefit from subsidies
  • Use solar energy instead of feeding it into the grid at low rates
  • Independence from increasing energy prices


  • Easily charge at home whenever you like
  • Independent power supply
  • Many charging options
  • Still possible to buy power from the grid

Environmentally friendly



Easy solar charging without a home energy management system – with the AMTRON® Compact 2.0s

AMTRON® Compact 2.0s

The 'easy solar charging' function of this wall-mount charger makes it straightforward to connect to a photovoltaic system. A meter at your house determines whether or not and if so how much surplus energy is being generated by the solar panel and sends this information to the charging station. This makes it simple to regulate solar charging – without having to integrate an energy management system and regardless of the photovoltaic system's make and model. You can freely choose between solar and standard charging with power from the grid if you're in a hurry. The wall-mount charger is user-friendly and intuitive to use; the different solar charging functions can be selected using a button right on the charger.

Our charging solution for you: the AMTRON® Compact 2.0s

Convenient solar charging with a home energy management system: the AMTRON® Professional

AMTRON® Charge Control

Excess power of the solar system can also be distributed by a central home energy management system (HEMS) which coordinates the supply to various electricity consumers in the building, including your electric vehicle. In a setup like this, the wall charger is intelligently controlled by the higher-level energy management system via an interface. This is ideal if, for example, you are a home owner or landlord and want to become as independent as possible from electric utilities. You control the charger via a user-friendly web interface right on your mobile device.

Our charging solution for you: the AMTRON® Professional
Compatible energy management systems

Home energy management systems have lots of functions. They measure and analyse power consumption, indicate where power can be saved and ultimately ensure that energy efficiency in your home steadily improves while reducing costs but not performance. Here you can find out which home energy managements are compatible with our wall-mount chargers:

Compatible energy management systems

How to maximise your own use of self-generated power

Charging with surplus power vs. mains power

You can easily control how much power is fed into your vehicle during a given time period. Two main charging functions are available for you to choose from: charging with surplus power and charging with power from the mains.

Putting surplus energy to good use

Energy from your photovoltaic system that's left over after you have supplied your house is referred to as 'surplus energy'. An intuitive, easy-to-use web interface lets you very easily use surplus energy from your home photovoltaic system to charge your electric vehicle. It's charged with up to the amount of available surplus energy. Although charging takes somewhat longer this way, you don't consume any power from the mains. This means that you only have eco-friendly solar energy in your battery.

As an example, this curve shows the amount of solar energy generated on a sunny day and how much is left over for use in your household. The highest level is reached at noon on a cloudless day. The charging curve of the AMTRON® (shaded area) adapts to the amount of generated energy, in other words only what you produce yourself is used for charging. When the battery is almost completely charged, the vehicle automatically reduces the charging current to gently complete the process.

When it's cloudy, the amount of generated power fluctuates over the course of the day. This can be seen in the jagged ups and downs in the curve. Here too, the charging curve of the AMTRON® (shaded area) remains below the amount of generated solar energy. The system automatically adapts to the constantly fluctuating output of your photovoltaic system. Only as much energy is used for charging as you produce yourself and no more.

Mains energy

If charging occasionally takes too long and you don't want to wait until your electric car has been fully charged with self-generated solar power, if wished a home charger from MENNEKES can be used to very easily use a combination of photovoltaic and mains power. In this case, charging is controlled so that as much solar energy as possible is used. If it drops below the minimum required for charging, the difference is made up with mains power during a time period that you specify.

Advice and installation from the expert

MENNEKES provides you with the right charging solution for your particular charging situation. Your local installer is available with plenty of expertise to give you more in-depth advice and install your charging solution. It's important for MENNEKES charging stations to be installed and serviced by a qualified electrician!