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New European specification

Charge point labelling is mandatory

Directive 2014/94/EU of the European Parliament and Council deals with the EU-wide introduction of the infrastructure for alternative fuels. It includes the requirement that new vehicles and all fuel pumps and charging stations must be uniformly labelled. In this way, e-car drivers can easily and conveniently determine whether their charging cable and charge point are compatible. The standard EN 17186 specifies the labelling for charging stations for charging electric vehicles and also defines format and size of the new labels. 

In the individual EU countries, additional regulations extending above and beyond these requirements may need to be implemented at the national level. 

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We have compiled the information below for you according to the best of our knowledge. Please note that it does not constitute legal advice; it is for information purposes only. 

Who does charge point labelling apply to?

The European standard applies universally for the identification of vehicle and infrastructure compatibility. The requirements relating to charging infrastructure are directed at the charge point operator (CPO).

From when does charge point labelling apply?

With immediate effect, the labelling must be clearly visible for consumers on all newly produced electrically rechargeable vehicles - i.e. vehicles with battery technology and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles - and on all charging stations in the European Union. The labelling of charging stations is also subject to specific national laws for the implementation of the European Directive.

Where does the charge point labelling have to be attached?

On charging stations, the labelling is applied at the charge point directly next to the socket outlet or at the storage location of the vehicle connector. Alternatively on the vehicle connector of an attached cable or on a flag label attached to each cable in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle connector, or, if present, on portable charging cables. If charging stations are equipped with several charge points, labels must be attached to each charge point according to the voltage range.

What do the labels show?

The European charge point labelling regulation requires the following graphic representation:

Charge point labelling at MENNEKES

At MENNEKES, we have adapted our products in accordance with the standards for charging station labelling. This applies to charge point labelling for charging systems and charging cables. This allows us to offer our customers an ex works solution for new products, which will be delivered from now on in accordance with the minimum European regulatory requirements. 

This change has the following effects on our charging systems:

This change has the following effects on our charging cables and charging connectors:

Country-specific requirements

In the EU countries, additional national requirements may apply for charge point operators. As a manufacturer, it is not possible for us to implement such requirements ex works. The reasons are obvious: when we deliver our products, we have no knowledge of the installation location or the language selection and local power rating, as the systems can be adjusted and regulated with regard to the maximum charging current. 

In this case, it is the responsibility of the charge point operator to observe the applicable regulations and to implement the correct labelling.