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Familie mit Hund und MENNEKES Wallbox in Garage

AMTRON® wallboxes

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A suitable solution for every requirement

AMTRON® wallboxes are intelligent charging solutions for virtually any requirement. Here is an overview of our AMTRON® charging stations and their fields of application. 

AMTRON® Compact 2.0 – easy charging at home

AMTRON® Compact 2.0 offers the latest technology, user-friendly handling and maximum safety with an attractive price-performance ratio - the ideal solution for getting started in eMobility and easy charging of electric vehicles at home. The modern MENNEKES wallbox is compatible with all commercially available electric vehicles. The compact design makes it easy to install, even in very small garages. This means: "just plug in and charge" - at any time and without authorization.

Get to know AMTRON® Compact 2.0
AMTRON® Compact 2.0s – home charging with a lot of extras

As a modern wallbox for private use, the AMTRON® Compact 2.0s combines ease of use and compact design with sophisticated, state-of-the-art electronics. The compact design makes it easy to install, even in very small garages.

AMTRON® Compact 2.0s also scores points with additional equipment features. The highlight: The wall-mounted charging station is equipped with a solar charging function. The integrated access protection allows secure charging at home, in a carport or outdoor parking space. The charger can be easily integrated into existing building energy management systems. 

Get to know AMTRON® Compact 2.0s
AMTRON® Professional - intelligent charging at home

The AMTRON® Professional charging station is a genuine all-rounder with intelligent, future-proof technology. This solution is ideal for conveniently charging your electric car at home with power from your own photovoltaic system. This MENNEKES charger's functionality also lets you recharge your company car at home and get reimbursed by your employer. And that's not all! Its abilities also include networking and easy access control via an RFID card system.

AMTRON® Professional for private use
AMTRON® Professional – intelligent charging for industry and commerce

The AMTRON® Professional charging station is a top-quality, durable, future-proof charging solution. It features state-of-the-art technology and has been optimised to deliver maximum value to business owners and operators. In a strong package which lets you flexibly create your tailored charging infrastructure, AMTRON® Professional delivers a long list of benefits: strict security standards, user-friendliness, networkability for implementing billing solutions to meet requirements, system monitoring and load management. 

AMTRON® Professional for industry and commerce

AMTRON® Professional Twincharge – professional charging with double power

The new double wallbox is suitable for simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles in semi-public and public areas, e.g. for companies or hotels with a small vehicle fleet or special employee parking spaces as well as underground garages. As a flexibly combinable addition to the existing Professional products, it scores with the proven Professional features and is especially designed for ease of installation and commissioning.

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