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AMTRON® 4You 300

Discover AMTRON® 4You 300

The charging station for easy solar charging with access control.

AMTRON® 4You 300 is the perfect choice for your customers who want to easily charge from solar power or who need a simple charging station with access control. The high-quality charger provides for easy and efficient charging and offers numerous advantages that are appreciated by installers and eco-conscious vehicle owners alike.

Why opt for AMTRON® 4You 300?

Highlights at a glance:

  • Easy charging with access control via RFID: protects the charging station against unauthorized use while your customers charge with electricity securely and worry-free at a carport, for example.
  • PV charging that is independent of the manufacturer and without the use of an energy management system: our charging stations enable charging from solar energy regardless of who manufactured the photovoltaic system, the power inverter or the home energy management system (HEMS). An additionally installed meter is used to capture the excess power in a straightforward manner.
  • The charging station for a future photovoltaic system: AMTRON® 4You 300 is the perfect choice even if there is currently no PV system installed and only planned for the future. In combination with an additional meter, the charger is compatible with all systems.
  • Direct operation: change the solar charging modes directly at the device – no app required.
  • Maximize the use of surplus solar energy with our dynamic charging power. Regardless of whether single-phase current or three-phase current is used.
  • LED status indicator: the charging status can be determined at a glance.
  • Replaceable covers in your colors of choice as an accessory: your customers can select from eleven different colors and the front covers can be replaced at any time.
  • Available with a charging power of 11 kW or 22 kW.

RFID access control

PV charging with external meter

Operation directly at the device

Sustainable charging station "made in Germany"

Every single AMTRON® 4You charging station is manufactured 100% in Germany and is subject to precise CO2 balancing. MENNEKES contributes to environmental protection by investing in sustainability projects in Brazil and Peru to preserve forests and protect endangered species. Find out more about the transparent CO2 calculations and the pioneering charging technology of AMTRON® 4You.


The AMTRON® 4You Family

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Information for installers

To charge from solar energy, the charging station is connected with an external energy meter via Modbus RTU. The energy meter captures the excess electricity from the photovoltaic system. This meter can also be used to prevent an overload at the grid connection of the building with a charging point (blackout protection). To this end, the meter will also take into account the other electrical consumers in the building. The blackout protection system works in buildings with a maximum grid connection amperage of up to 63 A. 

  • DC residual current detection: for maximum safety when charging.
  • Open Modbus RTU interface: compatible energy management systems can be linked via the wired interface. An overview of compatible systems can be found on the following page: Compatible energy management systems and interfaces

DC residual current detection

Optimized PV charging

Blackout protection

The AMTRON® 4You 300 is designed for a broad target group, including:

  • Those who want to easy charge from solar energy – our solution for anybody who wants to solar charge in an efficient and uncomplicated manner.
  • Owners of a PV system who now need a reliable charging station.
  • Individuals who currently need a charging station and who want to invest in a PV system in the future.
  • Those who want RFID access control for a secure outdoor charging experience – the optimum solution for everybody who is charging outside the garage. Simply use the RFID card to securely charge with power. Electromobility, secure and convenient.

The AMTRON® 4You 300 provides the freedom to efficiently use solar energy. For a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Order today to reap the benefits of a charging station that can be seamlessly integrated into the energy infrastructure at your customers' sites.


MENNEKES: always the right choice

AMTRON® charging stations offer intelligent solutions for easy and convenient charging that virtually meets all the individual requirements. Here you can find an overview of our charging stations.

Information for downloading

More information on AMTRON® 4You 300 can be found in the product flyer.