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Charge point management made simple

Increased efficiency for installers and operators

Everything at a glance - charging point management for professionals

MENNEKES simplifies the management of charging points with a new, free software. With our Charge Point Manager, the AMTRON® Professional wallbox and AMEDIO® Professional charging station can be set up and configured simply and easily. The advantage for installers and operators of charging solutions: Significant time savings through efficient simultaneous access to all devices on the network.

Advantages of Charge Point Manager for installers

  • Search for charging points in the network, for a quick access to the web interface for the configuration of the charging points.
  • Save and load projects, for easy jumping between different installations or projects
  • Viewing the status of all charge points
  • Support for commissioning of large installations

Advantages for operators and managers of charging points

  • Bulk export of charging statistics of all charging points in the network.
  • Import and export of local whitelist of RFID access cards
  • Bulk import of the local whitelist of RFID access cards
  • Viewing the status of all charging points

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The Charge Point Manager is available for all MENNEKES charging solutions with ECU (Electronic Control Unit):

  • AMTRON® Professional
  • AMEDIO® Professional

How do I get access to the Charge Point Manager?

You can download the Charge Point Manager free of charge as software on the MENNEKES website. You can download the tool and instructions on how to use it here:

Download softwareDownload application manual