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Elektroinstallateur installiert eine Wallbox für Mieterin

MENNEKES charging stations for landlords

Benefit as a landlord from MENNEKES charging stations

Find the right solution for your rental flats

Do you have a granny apartment that you rent out, or do you own a small rental property? As a small landlord, you increase the value of your property with a MENNEKES charging station. Offer your tenants the possibility to charge their e-car at home and benefit from longer leases!  

Suitable wallboxes with access protection for rental apartments

The AMTRON® Professional wallbox from MENNEKES is the ideal charging station for your rental apartments. For example, it is perfect for freely accessible parking spaces - such as outdoors. Using the RFID card system, access to the charger can be easily protected for strangers. Only authorized persons have access to the charging station via an RFID chip. If several e-car drivers are to use the charging station, this can also be easily implemented via access control via RFID in combination with the web interface control.  

Uncomplicated charging current billing

Billing for the electricity your tenants charge via the wallbox is straightforward. You can conveniently bill the charging current via the utility bill if the charging station can be structurally allocated to the electricity consumption of the residential unit. A flat rate or billing by evaluating the charging statistics of the AMTRON® Professional is also possible. Please always refer to the respective laws and regulations in your country before setting up a charging station and a billing system. 

Advantages for you as a landlord

  • No effort in billing the charging current when connected to the rental unit
  • Use of RFID access authorization to protect against unauthorized use
  • Interface to the home energy management system

As a landlord, you make your property more attractive to potential tenants with the MENNEKES AMTRON® Professional charging station. 

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