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AMTRON® 4You 100

AMTRON® 4You 100

The entry level charging station for safe and convenient charging!

Your customers want to reliably and cost-effectively charge their electric vehicle? The AMTRON® 4You 100 is the perfect solution then. Find out why this is the right charging station to enable easy charging for those more cost-minded individuals with high quality standards.

Easy charging with AMTRON® 4You 100

Highlights at a glance:

  • LED status indicator: the LED indicator provides information at a glance on the charging status.
  • Straightforward cable management: effortless operation of the AMTRON® 4You 100. The charging cable can be easily wound around the station.
  • Charging that is safer and faster: with the AMTRON® 4You 100, vehicles can be charged safer and faster with either 11 kW or 22 kW than by using a receptacle.
  • No authorization required: with the AMTRON® 4You 100, there is no logging in or waiting. Simply insert and the charging process begins immediately.
  • Technical safety: functions such as the DC residual current detection, a downgrade input, an enable input, the sleep mode and the unbalanced load limitation ensure safe and reliable charging station operation.
  • Replaceable covers in the colors of choice as an accessory: your customers can select from eleven different colors, and the front covers can be replaced in seconds.
  • Focus on what is essential: we provide exactly what is needed for easy charging without any superfluous and expensive features – of the quality accustomed to MENNEKES.

LED status indicator

Straightforward cable management

Safe and fast

Simply insert and charge

Sustainable charging station "made in Germany"

Every single AMTRON® 4You charging station is manufactured 100% in Germany and is subject to precise CO2 balancing. MENNEKES contributes to environmental protection by investing in sustainability projects in Brazil and Peru to preserve forests and protect endangered species. Find out more about the transparent CO2 calculations and the pioneering charging technology of AMTRON® 4You.


The AMTRON® 4You Family

Discover additional highlights associated with the AMTRON® 4You Family – replaceable front covers in the colors of choice as an accessory, for example. Also get to know the other members of the AMTRON® 4You Family, which offer additional functions and features.


Information for installers

  • Straightforward assembly and installation: our charging station is easily installed and saves time and money.
  • Easily retrofittable surge protection: we offer an optional surge protection function for yet more safety.

Straightforward assembly and installation

Quick access for servicing or maintenance

Easily retrofittable surge protection


The charging solution that is right for your home

The AMTRON® 4You 100 is made for individuals who appreciate safe and reliable charging without expensive and superfluous features. This is the perfect charging station for frugal customers who want a high-quality product.

Select AMTRON® 4You 100 for convenient and safe charging. Order today and reap the benefits of a high-quality entry level charging station.


MENNEKES: always the right choice

Whether you need a package solution or a supplement item to an existing charging infrastructure – there are numerous possibilities to bring your system up-to-date. Gain an overview of the essential products provided by MENNEKES. 

Information for downloading

At a glance, the product flyer provides all the important information and advantages associated with the AMTRON® 4You 100.