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Charging cables

Charging cables

As the developer of the Type 2 plug, also known as the "MENNEKES plug" MENNEKES is a pioneer in the area of charging cables. We offer an extensive portfolio for safe Mode 2 and Mode 3 charging.

Mode 2 charging cables

With a mobile Mode 2 charging cable you can charge an electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle using any standard household socket (for example a Schuko socket) or industrial socket (e.g. CEE 16 A), if a permanently installed charging station is not available. Through European standardization of the charging plug (Type 2 plug) in 2014, our MENNEKES AC Mode 2 charging cables are compatible with all major electric vehicles with a Type 2 vehicle inlet, throughout Europe. The portfolio is extended with appropriate vehicle couplers (Type 1 / Type GB/T) that are offered for the US market and the Asian market.

For these vehicle couplers, the IC-CPD control unit handles all safety-related functions such as

  • Residual current detection for AC and DC residual currents, including the resulting switch-off (if an error is detected, the device switches off – the device will be re-activated automatically when the error is no longer present)
  • Multi-level temperature management
  • Charging current reduction, incl. automatic selection of the correct charging current, if the infrastructure plug or the charging module is overheated

Mode 2 charging cables from MENNEKES provide charging power up to 3.7 kW. Automatic charging current selection enables user-friendly handling, since additional settings are not required. In addition to the protection ratings for the housing (IP67) and the plug-in device (IP44), the system offers robust vehicle run-over safety. Optimized housing geometry enables improved cable handling.

Mode 3 charging cables

The MENNEKES Mode 3 charging cable enables a safe charging process as stipulated in DIN EN 61851 and DIN EN 62196-1/-2. Through European standardization of the charging plug (Type-2 plug) in 2014, our MENNEKES Mode 3 charging cables are compatible with all major electric vehicles with Type 2 vehicle inlet and charging stations, throughout Europe. MENNEKES also offers the appropriate solution for the respective charging standards in the international markets.

MENNEKES Mode 3 charging cables enable battery-friendly, yet fast charging of the vehicle battery with up 22 kW charging power. Special design characteristics offer high resistance to external influences (high degree of protection), protection of live components, as well as guaranteed vehicle run-over safety.