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eMobility by MENNEKES

Your expert for future-proof charging infrastructure and electromobility!

Easy and convenient charging at home

Simple, safe and flexible: This is how charging an electric car at home should ideally be. Simply plug in and charge or use extras such as solar charging or access protection via RFiD card system - MENNEKES offers various charging solutions for individual requirements for charging at home.

Charging solutions for the home

Benefit as a landlord from MENNEKES charging solutions

Tenants with electric cars want a charging option at the parking space or in the garage - an important criterion when deciding on a flat. As a small landlord, you can increase your attractiveness with charging solutions from MENNEKES and secure longer-term tenancies.

Charging solutions for landlords

Easy billing of charging current as a company car driver

Those who drive an electric company car and charge their car at home would like to settle the costs for their charging current with their employer. MENNEKES has the right wallboxes for company car drivers. Combine secure charging with secure billing.

Charging solutions for company car drivers

MENNEKES wallboxes for your rental flat

As a rule, tenants also want to have their own wallbox at the rented parking space to charge their e-vehicles. MENNEKES offers charging solutions with effective access protection and the possibility to precisely bill charged electricity.

Charging solutions for tenants

Intelligent charging solutions for industry & commerce

Entrepreneurs who offer guests, customers and employees charging options for their electric cars invest in a sustainable image and benefit in the long term from the future business field of electromobility. See for yourself!

Charging solutions for companies

Charging stations for large residential complexes

With MENNEKES charging solutions, tenants can conveniently charge their e-car at home. In this way, you offer them real added value, secure long-term tenancies and are ideally equipped with your property for all the requirements of the future.

Charging solutions for large landlords

Charging infrastructure for shops and restaurants

Conveniently charge your car while shopping or eating - e-car drivers appreciate this offer. With your own charging infrastructure from MENNEKES, you as a shop and restaurant operator will become a customer magnet.

Charging solutions for shops & restaurants magnet.

eMobility as a business model for hotels

eMobility is a business model with many advantages for hotels! With charging infrastructure from MENNEKES you will win new customers and guests, present yourself as a sustainable hotel, increase your image and position yourself securely for the future.

Charging solutions for hotels

How cities and energy suppliers get fit for the electromobile future

E-cars regularly need electricity to recharge, which has a decisive impact on energy sales and grid stability. This makes it all the more important for a city or energy supplier to position itself well in the electromobility market in the future - ideally with MENNEKES charging stations!

Charging solutions for cities and communities

How you benefit from MENNEKES as an installer

MENNEKES offers you as an electrical installer or planner a wide range of services and benefits. Here you will find informative documents to download or the latest software updates!

Info for installers

Charging solutions for individual living situations and requirements


With our AMTRON® wallboxes , you can get through everyday life in an electric vehicle perfectly! Our wall-mounted charging stations are intelligent solutions for almost all requirements - regardless of whether you want to charge privately at home, in semi-public or public areas.

MENNEKES charging columns

Charge up your Business! MENNEKES charging columns are the reliable solution for electric charging in semi-public and public areas. They offer companies, hotels and cities a secure entry into electromobility.

MENNEKES charging columns