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MENNEKES charging stations for flexible billing

Charging stations for flexible billing

MENNEKES charging stations for flexible billing

Are you looking for charging stations which facilitate professional management and billing of the consumed power? If so, you've come to the right place! Charging stations from MENNEKES – like the AMTRON® Professional wall-mount model and the AMEDIO® Professional charging column – give you various possibilities for implementing a billing and monitoring system. 

  • For example, with the software platform of our joint venture chargecloud 
  • or from any other backend provider that applies the OCPP standard. 

Manage your charging infrastructure with chargecloud

A joint venture of ours, chargecloud, gives you a simple way to operate charging facilities. The B2B software of chargecloud is a tailor-made solution for professionally managing charging infrastructure and billing for electricity consumed. It lets you easily control, network and manage your charging solutions. You can administer customers, assign rates to charging operations and bill for consumed power – easily and conveniently, all with a single program.

It enables you to present yourself professionally as a provider of charging services for road vehicles or operator of charging facilities and offer your customers custom-designed functionality. You communicate and present yourself under your own name and brand – chargecloud itself remains in the background.

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Flexible linking to professional backend solutions

MENNEKES charging stations can of course also be operated with other compatible backend systems. The only prerequisite is that the system must support version 1.5s or 1.6s+j of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). OCPP standardises communication between charging stations and central management systems.