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AMTRON® 4You 500

Smart charging with AMTRON® 4You 500

The wall-mount charging station for the future – intelligent solar charging, app and company car billing included

Welcome to the future of charging with the AMTRON® 4You 500. This wall-mount charger unites all the functions for charging comfort at home. Apart from intelligent solar charging – compatible with most leading energy management systems – this state-of-the-art wall-mount charger offers app operation, a homecoming function and the option of easily managing company car billing. The highlight for installers: the commissioning app helps ensure an easy and straightforward setup of the wall-mount charger.

AMTRON® 4You 500 – charging with all features

Highlights at a glance:

  • Optimized charging for photovoltaic systems: intelligent use of solar energy and increased internal solar energy consumption by charging when there is excess solar power. The solar charge mode is selected via the app or directly at the wall-mount charger.
  • Compatible with most leading home energy management systems.
  • Solar charging takes place either through a compatible home energy management system or independent of the manufacturers via an external meter from our selection of accessories.
  • App control unit: convenient wall-mount charger operation via the app, including control of charging processes and export of charging statistics.
  • Access control with RFID: the wall-mount charger is secured against unauthorized access.
  • Smart features: homecoming function with area lighting and proximity sensor for total charging comfort.
  • Company car billing: the AMTRON® 4You 500 is perfectly suitable for the private sector where the app supports the manual billing of electricity used to charge the company car at home.
  • Replaceable cover in eleven colors of your choice as an accessory – eleven different colors are available.
  • Maximum charging flexibility, minimum grid load. Our wall-mount charger with load management makes intelligent charging as easy as a walk in the park.
  • WiFi/LAN connectivity: networked and in control at all times.
  • Prepared for ISO 15118 (PnC): ready for the future of charging with Plug & Charge technology.
  • LED status display: the wall-mount charger charge status is always indicated.
  • Supports single-phase or three-phase solar charging (charging with excess solar power) for dynamic charging capacities from 1.4 to 11 kW.

Company car billing

RFID access control

App for the end user

Homecoming function

A bright welcome home

Our chargering stations set new benchmarks

AMTRON® 4You 500 – an innovative charging station used to charge electric vehicles that transforms your return home into a unique event. Our cutting-edge charging stations with area lighting and homecoming function create both an efficient charging station solution and a special atmosphere. After dark, the area lighting makes the charging operation more comfortable. The wall-mount charger will detect the movement of a person and automatically activate the lighting. As soon as the AMTRON® 4You 500 is no longer in use, it will return to the practical energy saving mode. It is activated as soon as movement is detected. This provides a sense of safety and a welcoming feeling.

Sustainable charging station "made in Germany"

Every single AMTRON® 4You charging station is manufactured 100% in Germany and is subject to precise CO2 balancing. MENNEKES contributes to environmental protection by investing in sustainability projects in Brazil and Peru to preserve forests and protect endangered species. Find out more about the transparent CO2 calculations and the pioneering charging technology of AMTRON® 4You.


The AMTRON® 4You Family

A product family that meets all the requirements – from simple to simply smart, matching your requirements. See all the features for yourself and meet the members of the AMTRON® 4You product family.

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Information for Quality Partners

  • DC residual current detection: for maximum safety during the charging process.
  • Unbalanced load limitation: prevents undesirable overloads.
  • Power outage protection and (H)EMS connectivity: with Modbus TCP and EEBus for maximum monitoring and protection.
  • Back-end system connectivity via OCPP: monitor and control the wall-mount charger remotely.
  • AMTRON® 4Installers app – easily set up and configure each charging point.
  • A separate AMTRON® 4Drivers app is available for your customers for wall-mount charger operation
  • Optional and easily retrofittable surge protection for the wall-mount charger is available as an accessory.
  • Stylish column for one or two AMTRON® available as an accessory.

DC residual current detection

Power outage protection and HEMS connectivity

4Installers App

Back-end system connectivity via OCPP

The AMTRON® 4You 500 is perfect for:

  • Individuals with a high demand for convenience when charging using the app control unit.
  • People who would like to use solar charging with a home energy management system and an app.
  • Company car drivers who would like to purchase a wall-mount charger and settle the costs for electricity charged at home with their employer.
  • Discerning customers with an eye for quality and style find in our wall-mount chargers the perfect synergy of high-quality materials, beautiful design and first-class haptics.
  • Our wall-mount charger has been developed to meet the needs of everybody looking for an advanced and high-performance charging station. With innovative functions, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for charging electric vehicles.
  • A wall-mount charger that will meet the current standards and those in the future. Continuous updates and advanced technologies keep our wall-mount charger up-to-date at all times and guarantee a reliable charging solution for all electric vehicles for the long term.

The AMTRON® 4You 500 is ready to meet the future requirements while providing a charging experience that is as comfortable as possible. Make the right selection and order the wall-mount charger today that will take your customers' charging experience to a new level.

To the portfolio

Twice as smart: our wall-mount charger with apps for professionals and drivers.

Perfect synergy – our wall-mount charger offers two apps: one for installers and another one for electric vehicle drivers. Discover the future of intelligent electric mobility. Charging now and networking smartly!

AMTRON® 4Drivers appAMTRON® 4Installers app

MENNEKES: always the right choice

AMTRON® charging stations offer intelligent solutions for easy and convenient charging that virtually meets all the individual requirements. Here you can find an overview of the major charging stations. 

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