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Automotive industry

Ever since MENNEKES Stecker GmbH & Co. KG was founded, we have been a longstanding and reliable partner of vehicle manufacturers and of the automotive supply industry. We focus on development and production of both neutral and customer-specific products in accordance with national and international charging standards, as well as automotive standard IATF 16949. From the finished product to the ready to assemble module ‒ depending on the delivery chain we offer our customers various levels of assembly integration. Thanks to high production depth, high-performance components, our own test laboratory for development-related testing, and our extensive know-how, MENNEKES Stecker GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of vehicle charging inlets, charging couplers, and charging cables. Our development organization designs products based on OEM specifications and future-oriented product technologies with focus on sustainability and a green environmental footprint.

OEM solutions

  • Development and production of neutral and customer-specific vehicle inlets, in compliance with international charging standards or OEM specifications
  • Customer-specific solutions in the areas of lighting, actuators, buttons, cooling concepts, and sensors are, or can be implemented on request
  • Customer-specific solutions with regard to shape, color, design, and function for Mode 2 and Mode 3 charging cables in compliance with international standards or OEM-specific standards

Tier 1 and Tier 2 solutions

  • Production of vehicle charging inlets for further assembly of the appropriate cable sets
  • Preparation of technical processing specifications (tool definition, processing instructions, etc.) for vehicle charging inlets that can be pre-assembled