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Charging solutions for company car drivers

Wallboxes for company cars

Combining secure charging with secure billing

Do you drive an electric company car and would also like to conveniently charge it at home? The AMTRON® Professional charging solution from MENNEKES makes it simple for you to transparently and reliably settle your electricity bill. The simple control via the web user interface lets you record the charging sessions of your company car in just a few simple steps, for example to get the costs reimbursed by your employer. 

Professional wallbox for company car accounting – the AMTRON® Professional

The AMTRON® Professional charging station combines high safety requirements, user-friendly operation, refunding of private charging costs and load management in one solution. For company car drivers, the AMTRON® Professional is ideally suited for billing the electricity charged at home for the company car.

By using the web interface, the statistics data of the loading operations can be exported and later be transmitted to your company's accounting department for the purpose of reimbursement.

Please refer to the laws in your respective country regarding the billing of energy charged at home and contact your employer!

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