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MENNEKES wallbox and charging column accessories

Needs-based and practical

Our many years of experience in delivering charging solutions in the private, semi-public and public sectors is reflected in our range of accessories, which are tailored to suit the needs of MENNEKES wallboxes and charging columns. Those who intend to build a charging infrastructure will find useful additions to their charging station here - foundation solutions, pedestals, RFID cards, testing equipment and much more.  

Accessories for AMTRON® wallboxes - suitable, practical, MENNEKES!

A comprehensive range of accessories is available for AMTRON® wallboxes from MENNEKES. If you want to install your wallbox outdoors and not on a wall, you can find suitable poles and pedestals at MENNEKES. In addition, canopies, RFID cards, external meters for load management and configuration cables are available for your installation.

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MENNEKES accessories for charging stations - for stability and more

For the installation of a MENNEKES charging column, we offer the right solutions for integrating stable foundations into your construction project. You can choose between prefabricated concrete foundations and accessory sets for self-made concrete foundations and existing foundations on site.

We also offer lightning and surge protection, a retrofit kit for the AMEDIO® downgrade and RFID cards. You can find more information here.

All accessories for charging stations

MENNEKES test boxes for installers - service and maintenance under control

MENNEKES test boxes are available for installers and service staff, in order to check the functionality of electric vehicle charging stations and identify any faults. They are easy to connect to the charging stations and are used to simulate the charging states of the electric vehicle. A measuring and testing device can be connected to the integrated socket for start-up testing and regular testing in accordance with the standard. You can find our test boxes here.

Overview of test boxes