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MENNEKES Ladekabel lädt ein Elektroauto

Good reasons for choosing MENNEKES

MENNEKES: Leading the way in electromobility

MENNEKES helped pioneer electromobility, and continues to set new standards in creating user-friendly charging infrastructure as Germany's leading maker of charging stations. We've been applying our extensive know-how since 2008 to produce top-quality wallboxes and charging columns to meet a vast range of requirements in the private, semipublic and public sectors. And we're continuing to drive our eMobility success story. MENNEKES charging solutions build on our firm's long tradition as a maker of industrial plugs and sockets. By developing the type 2 plug, also known as the 'MENNEKES plug', we've set the standard for charging in Europe. We apply the highest standards of quality as an automotive parts supplier and are correspondingly certified. 

Well-positioned for the future:

high-quality charging solutions from MENNEKES

MENNEKES charging solutions ideally prepare you to meet the challenges of the future! The latest technology in tandem with a highly vertically integrated manufacturing operation enables us at MENNEKES to develop and produce high-quality, dependable, robust, long-lived, future-proof products. We leverage top-quality raw materials, state-of-the-art production technologies, a high standard of vertical integration and a large R&D department to steadily optimise our charging solutions and develop them further.

All of our charging solutions are characterised by superior quality and safety: tested in our own in-house laboratory and naturally CE-certified. MENNEKES is never content with a run-of-the-mill solution. The functionality of every single one of our products is optimally tailored to meet the unique requirements of home charging or companies as appropriate. 


Partners to the manual trades

Benefits for installers

MENNEKES has many years of experience working hand-in-hand with the manual trades and especially electrical contractors. We offer a full range of services to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for you to advise your customers, meet eMobility requirements, and install and service our products. 

Support for consulting and sales

  • If wished, we'll also provide you with a wide range of marketing materials such as brochures, films and information for posting on your website. Just talk to us! 

  • Beyond this, you can also count on getting comprehensive support and a wide range of relevant documents from us for your daily work!