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AMTRON® 4Business 700

Professional charging made easy

Innovative wall-mount chargers for companies and residential complexes

High-quality design, innovative technologies, numerous possibilities of use and customization options – with the AMTRON® 4Business 700 MENNEKES presents a new series of wall-mount chargers for charging applications in a commercial environment. Specifically designed and developed for use in companies or large residential areas, the AMTRON® 4Business 700 features intelligent load management, flexible back-end system connectivity and access control via RFID. The charging stations can be flexibly connected using various back-end systems (OCPP).

App operation and setup

The AMTRON® 4Installers app facilitates the easy and straightforward configuration, commissioning and management of charging points using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This helps installers and operating companies save precious time in everyday operations – especially if there are several charging points in a network. For users of the wall-mount chargers a dedicated app, the AMTRON® 4Drivers app, is available. It enables control and provides various additional features.

Coming soon: versions with a type 2 receptacle

The devices with an attached charging cable will start off the new series of wall-mount chargers. Wall-mount chargers with type 2 receptacles will join the product family come summer 2024.

AMTRON® 4Business 700 – secure wall-mount charger with intelligent features

Highlights at a glance:

  • Back-end connectivity via OCPP: remote monitoring and control, including all billing options. Connection to all OCPP-based back-end systems.
  • Wireless communication modem (optional): access options at virtually any location.
  • MID meter: precision measurement and invoicing in accordance with European regulations; can be read from the outside.
  • AMTRON® 4Installers app for installers: easily set up, configure and manage wall-mount chargers.
  • RFID authorization: access control can be flexibly controlled via RFID cards.
  • (H)EMS connectivity (Modbus TCP, EEBus): seamless integration into the energy management system for maximum efficiency.
  • Prepared to meet the requirements defined by ISO 15118 (PnC): ready to meet the latest industrial standards for secure charging.
  • WiFi/LAN connectivity: secure wireless or wired connection.
  • Ready to meet load management requirements in large charging point networks.
  • Area lighting, proximity and brightness sensors: comfort and safety thanks to automatic lighting.
  • Replaceable covers: personalization of wall-mount charger appearance with eleven colors to choose from.


RFID reader

Flexible design of access control. 

Optional wireless communication modem

Wall-mount chargers with a wireless communication modem provide access at any location.

AMTRON® 4Business 700 for residential communities and companies

Explore the perfect charging solution for shared charging facilities in residential complexes. Our wall-mount charger is perfect for homeowner communities and landlords of apartment buildings. Tenants and owners often look for future-proof charging stations.

AMTRON® 4Business 700 is also the right solution for employers who want to offer their company car drivers a simple means for charging the company car at home and billing the costs, or who want to equip their company's parking facilities with charging stations.

Efficient load management for safe and cost-effective charging

MENNEKES offers intelligent solutions for load and charging management as a crucial component for networked charging solutions. Our technology ensures that the grid connection capacity is not exceeded and it helps avoid expensive load peaks while guaranteeing operational reliability and cost security at all times. This way, several electric vehicles can be charged reliably and cost-efficiently at the same time.

Intelligently networked: wall-mount chargers with a communication modem and OCPP connectivity

Explore the world of intelligent charging systems using our wall-mount chargers that include a high-performance wireless communication modem for a trouble-free OCPP connection. OCPP enables remote monitoring, remote control and management of charging points, which is of particular importance regarding networked charging stations and the integration of charging stations into a central management system. Any OCPP-enabled back-end system can be used.

Secure RFID access control for wall-mount chargers

Our wall-mount chargers are secure thanks to intelligent access control via RFID technology. Using RFID technology, you can specify who is permitted to use the charging infrastructure via chip card, tag or any other RFID-enabled solution. Security meets convenience for a trouble-free charging experience.

Stylish and distinct – personalizing charging stations

Turn your customers' charging stations into a design statement. There are various front covers to choose from as an accessory to turn the high-performance charging station into a design element that can be seamlessly incorporated in the environment. There are eleven different colors to choose from to give the charging station a personal touch.

The homecoming function using a proximity sensor

The homecoming function with built-in proximity sensor makes charging with MENNEKES both intelligent and extremely convenient. The wall-mount charger illuminates the immediate vicinity, thus increasing safety when starting and ending the charging process.

Information for installers

  • DC residual current detection: maximum safety thanks to the latest technology for direct current fault detection.
  • Downgrade input: flexible charging with various input power settings.
  • Unbalanced load limitation: carefree charging thanks the automatic limitation of unbalanced loads.
  • Power outage protection (external meter): continuous charging process even in the case of a power outage for an uninterrupted charging experience
  • Easy and quick access to charging point configuration via the AMTRON® 4Installers app, without having to open the device.
  • Retrofittable surge protection included as an accessory.

DC residual current detection

Back-end system connectivity via OCPP

AMTRON® 4Installers app

AMTRON® 4Installers app for installers

MENNEKES simplifies the management of charging points with a new, free app. The AMTRON® 4Installers app can be used to easily set up and configure the AMTRON® 4Business 700 wall-mount chargers.

4Installers App

Product selection

With our AMTRON® wall-mount chargers, you can experience customized solutions for easy and convenient charging activities that meet a vast range of requirements. Discover our outstanding wall-mount chargers here.

Charging with our professional product family

If you are looking for a charging solution with built-in residual current protection and circuit breaker, our professional series is the right choice for you. The AMEDIO® charging columns and AMTRON® Professional wall-mount chargers all include a circuit breaker and a residual current device.



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