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AMTRON® Professional

AMTRON® Professional

The intelligent charger for industry and commerce!

The AMTRON® Professional wallbox is a top-quality, durable, future-proof charging solution. It features state-of-the-art technology and has been optimised to deliver maximum value to business owners and operators. In a strong package which lets you flexibly create your tailored charging infrastructure, the AMTRON® Professional delivers a long list of benefits: strict security standards, user-friendliness, networkability for implementing billing solutions to meet requirements, system monitoring and load management. 

User interface

Protected access

Load management

Flexible billing

eMobility has become a major business driver

The importance of e-mobility is surging, and with it the interest of firms and business owners in intelligent, future-proof charging infrastructure for staff and customer car parks. Offer your staff and customers the best possible service by letting them charge while parking, including billing possibilities.

Flexible billing and monitoring

If you want to charge for power instead of giving it away, the AMTRON® Professional gives you diverse ways to do it. Thanks to the OCPP protocol used by MENNEKES, data from the charging station can be transferred to any OCPP-based backend. This opens up flexible options for billing and system monitoring with a professional software or a service provider. 

The AMTRON® Professional turns eMobility into an attractive business model for you!

The "plug & charge" (PnC) option

The AMTRON® Professional+ PnC enables straightforward access to power without the need for a charging card or app. An optional plug & charge function provides greatly increased convenience and suitability for everyday use by automating the authorisation process. Provided that the vehicle and connected backend support this function, the vehicle is recognised when the charging cable is plugged in, authorises itself, and can then be immediately charged. 

More and more vehicles will integrate this functionality in the future, thus also increasing the expectations of customers and staff. In order to completely integrate this option, the backend must also support PnC functionality.

Intelligent load management

The AMTRON® Professional charging station includes an automatic charging and load management function that supports multiple charge points for simultaneous charging of several cars. This lets you intelligently manage up to 100 charge points. Each of the vehicles connected to the charging station receives the right current. Even when charging many vehicles at the same time, safety is ensured and costs are kept under control. 

Watch our load management video to see how this works!

Technical information

Our AMTRON® Professional wall-mount chargers are ideally suited for meeting requirements in public and semi-public areas like your staff or customer car park. This gives you a powerful overall package for creating a future-capable charging infrastructure.​​​​​

  • Includes a 7.5-metre cable and MENNEKES type 2 charging connector or MENNEKES type 2 socket 
  • RFID card system for access protection 
  • Dynamic, phase-exact load management for up to 100 charge points 
  • Optionally with integrated mobile communication modem for the backend link 
  • Optional: plug & charge (PnC) function 
  • Flexible billing and payment options via a link to professional software or a service provider 
  • Compatible with OCPP 1.5s and OCPP 1.6s+j 
  • Locally networkable via LAN (RJ45) 
  • A secure investment thanks to state-of-the-art electronics 
  • Connection of external power meters for overload protection 
  • Type A residual current circuit breaker and DC fault current monitoring 
  • Personal safety and line protection 
  • Multifunction button (for resetting after a malfunction etc.) 
  • MID-certified power meter 
  • Colour: light grey