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AMEDIO® Professional charging columns

AMEDIO® Professional

The charging station for industry and commerce.

AMEDIO® Professional is a charging station with impressive "inner values". Whether effective load management, "Plug & Charge" or simple billing options - the state-of-the-art charging station offers many opportunities to facilitate the perfect entry into eMobility for operators of charging systems in industry and commerce. 

eMobility as a new business segment for industry and commerce

eMobility has become a decisive economic factor because more and more people are opting for an environmentally friendly electric vehicle. This makes it all the more important for entrepreneurs, hotel operators, restaurant owners, parking garage operators and landlords to adapt to this development at an early stage and benefit from it - because electric vehicle drivers are customers and employees who want to charge up where they park.

MENNEKES has high-quality charging solutions available for a successful start in eMobility!

Intelligent load management

Do you want to operate multiple charging points so that many electric vehicles can be charged at the same time? The AMEDIO® Professional charging column offers an automated charging management and load management function – dynamic and phase-accurate for up to 100 charging points. In this way, you ensure that operational reliability is always guaranteed, even if many cars are charging at the same time.

More details about load management

Flexible billing options and monitoring

If you want to charge for power instead of giving it away and monitor your charging stations, the AMEDIO® Professional gives you diverse ways to do it. Thanks to the OCPP protocol used by MENNEKES, data from the charging station can be transferred to any OCPP-based backend. This opens up flexible billing and monitoring options with a professional software or a service provider.  

The AMEDIO® Professional turns eMobility into an attractive business model for you! 

AMEDIO® Professional+ PnC – simply plug in and charge

Activate charging column. Plug in. Charge. Unplug. Drive away – an increasing number of drivers are looking for such a simple charging solution for their electric vehicles! With the AMEDIO® charging station, you invest in the future and are well prepared for all upcoming challenges. 

The MENNEKES AMEDIO® charging column in the Professional+ PnC version enables easy access to traction current without charging card or app. Authorization occurs automatically with the "Plug & Charge" function: If the electric vehicle supports this function, the vehicle is identified immediately when the charging cable is plugged in, authorizes autonomously, and the charging process begins. It really could not be any easier or more user friendly!  

Advantages of the AMEDIO® Professional charging columns at a glance

State-of-the-art technology, high safety requirements, easy handling, networking capability for billing according to requirements, clear system monitoring, and effective load management: The MENNEKES AMEDIO® charging station, the professional among charging columns, provides you with a comprehensive all-inclusive package for setting up and expanding a future-proof, intelligent charging infrastructure. 

  • 22kW of charging power at each charging point  
  • Convenient authorization via RFID or backend  
  • Flexible billing and payment options via a link to professional software or a service provider 
  • Optional: an easy-to-use plug & charge solution (ISO 15118-compliant) 
  • Networking via LAN (star configuration via router/switch)  
  • Intelligent load management for up to 100 charging points 
  • Interface to external energy management system  
  • Optionally available with integrated modem  
  • Integrated power meter  
  • Can be combined with our AMTRON® Professional wallbox

You can find all technical documents and details in our portfolio. You will also find suitable accessories there. 

AMEDIO® Professional – product overview

In this table, you can compare the different AMEDIO® charging columns to find the best solution for your individual charging application.  

AMEDIO® Professional
AMEDIO® Professional PnC
AMEDIO® Professional+
AMEDIO® Professional+ PnC