MENNEKES worldwide


Applications on the ship

High-quality solutions for industrial plugs and sockets are also in high demand on ships. Particularly in the function areas of the ship – from the galleys to the plant rooms, from the engine rooms to the storage and container areas – there is also a need at many locations for the proven MENNEKES quality in running operation of the finished ship. Thus, for example, MENNEKES supplies AMAXX® receptacle combinations for cruise ship fleets. MENNEKES is also represented on-board other ships, with DUO devices.

But MENNEKES quality is not only in demand in the cruiser segment, it is also in demand in the container shipping segment as well. For example container ships have been equipped with reefer container plugs and sockets from MENNEKES. MENNEKES is not only found in the shipyard or in the shipbuilding industry, it is also installed on-board the ship whenever the most rigorous requirements must be met.

Wall mounted receptacles SCHUKO®

  • resistant to pressurized water
  • the first choice for flooding or spray water

Wall mounted receptacles DUO

  • switched and interlocked
  • if the receptacle is switched on it is not possible to remove the plug