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Individual solutions for all applications

Railway and transport companies always require individual solutions. At MENNEKES, we are perfectly adapted to provide customized solutions. We are the ideal partner as we advise you on site and recommend the most suitable plugs and sockets for you. We have developed numerous individual solutions in the past in order to meet different requirements. The very close cooperation and coordination with our customers is always the central aspect of each technological development. According to the principle "making progress together", challenging projects in Germany, France, Peru and Saudi Arabia have been successfully completed. Our customers' high level of satisfaction is the best possible evidence of our expertise in the area of plugs and sockets for the railway sector.

Reliable in use: Combinations of MENNEKES

KEOLIS, France

Metro Tunnel Amsterdam, Netherlands

Metro Riad, Saudi Arabia

Metro Lima, Peru

Further References:

• De Ljin (transport company), Belgium
• STIB (transport company), Belgium
• BVG (Berlin transport company), Germany
• Hamburger Hochbahn (Hamburg elevated railway), Germany
• VGF (transport company Frankfurt), Germany
• KTS Kazakh Railway, Kazakhstan
• Doha Metro, Qatar
• NedTrain, Netherlands
• Tram Verlengde Callandlijn RET Rotterdam, Netherlands
• Metro Lima, Peru
• LineVanpee (Metro), Sweden