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Receptacle combinations

From professionals for professionals!

Where tunnels and shafts meet, more than isolated wall receptacles are needed. For these key locations, MENNEKES offers an ideal range of receptacle combinations including both standard and custom-configured products. Its standard features include highly heat-resistant, nickel-plated contacts, which add to its service life in mining applications. Robust and easy to install ― this makes AMAXX® a success all the way down the line! AMAXX® combinations already have a highly robust plastic enclosure as a standard feature. For mining applications requiring enhanced resistance to aggressive environments, the AMAXX® enclosures made of AMELAN® are the best choice. AMAXX® is prewired and ready to connect, and every unit is individually tested for electrical safety and quality in compliance with IEC 61439. A certificate is issued as proof of quality for every receptacle combination.

For especially cramped areas with limited space on the ground and walls, MENNEKES has the ideal solutions: the DELTA-BOX. An included hook can be used to suspend this compact combination of CEE and SCHUKO® receptacles directly over where work is being done. This way no one can trip over the DELTA-BOX in narrow tunnels, and it’s also exposed to less dirt and water.

Mobile and sturdy!

In mining, mobile applications are often essential for ensuring flexible work. MENNEKES provides a variety of mobile distribution solutions to meet these requirements. The mobile EverGUM combination unit, for example, is compact and made of a highly shock-resistant material. It excels with high dielectric strength and resistance to leakage current and is highly recommended for mobile use in heavily soiled and moist environments.

The EverBOX® is even more versatile. It can be used for currents between 16 and 125 A, and the sturdy frame reliably protects receptacles and installed equipment. The fusing with easily accessible protective devices is in plain sight behind seethrough covers. AMAXX® receptacle combinations are naturally also available as easy-to-carry versions for reliable on-site distribution.

AMAXX® receptacle combination

  • protection classes IP 44 and IP 67
  • prewired for fast connection
  • hinged to the side
  • fusing behind a transparent cover
  • tested acc. to IEC 61439
  • customer-specific versions


  • for hanging
  • internal strain relief and hanging hook
  • protection classes IP 44, IP 67 and IP 68
  • flexibly configurable

EverGUM receptacle combination

  • raised to keep water out
  • robust and shock-resistant
  • high dielectric strength and resistance to leakage current
  • yellow warning color
  • available with or without feeder cable


  • receptacles and installed devices protected by sturdy frame
  • integrated grips for easy handling
  • supports up to 125 A