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Wall mounted and panel mounted receptacles for data center

  • robust, heat-resistant and durable
  • screw terminals
  • X-CONTACT inside (for 63 A)
  • products with screwless spring terminals for 16 and 32 A on request

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In addition to our plugs and connectors, we offer you various wall mounted and panel mounted receptacles in 16, 32, and 63 A that are ideal for the demanding conditions inside data centers. The enclosures are made from high-quality plastics, and the hinged lid of the 63 A receptacles are nubbed and rubberized to make them especially easy to grip.

These receptacles feature IP44 or 67 protection types. These robust, heat resistant, long-lived solutions will ensure a reliable power supply in server rooms for many years.

The wall mounted and panel mounted receptacles with 63 A, like our PowerTOP Xtra connectors, are equipped with the ingenious X-CONTACT contact sleeve technology. They make sure that plugs inserted into receptacles remain securely connected – so current will consistently and reliably flow without any issues. Our solutions, which meet the requirements of IP67 protection type, are additionally equipped with a bayonet ring. It prevents the plug from being accidentally yanked out of the receptacle, to help ensure secure locking and an uninterrupted power supply.

Plugs and sockets for the Data center

We offer various plugs, connectors and wall mounted receptacles for safe and reliable power distribution in data centers. You can find the appropriate product solutions here on the corresponding product pages:

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