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The digital exchange of business documents via EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for administration, commerce and transport) has become a cross-industry, international standard. The benefits are evident. In the operational business, in addition to time and cost benefits due to faster order processing and reduced manual effort, EDIFACT above all offers a quality advantage because input errors are largely avoided.

For these reasons, the MENNEKES group engaged with this topic as early as the 1990s with the aim of exploiting the full potential benefits of the electronic transmission of business documents.

Today we can offer business document exchange to our customers in the following areas: ORDERS (order), ORDER RESPONSE (order confirmation), INVOIC (invoice), and DESADV (shipping notification). Connection is established on the basis of the industry-standard EDIFACT subset EDILEKTRO 2007. 

In the download file provided below we describe how smooth data exchange can take place between an EDIFACT ORDERS message and MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG, based and building on the industry-standard subset mentioned above, EDILEKTRO 2007 Version 1.1 Orders D96A UNOC:3 (as of 28.02.2011).

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Kerstin Born

Kerstin Born

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Besian Gerguri

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