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Receptacle combinations for wall, ceiling and floor

Sturdy and robust power distributors are essential for many industrial sectors. Harbours and shipyards, event locations and airports, railway operators, food industry and data centers require a constant and reliable power supply. MENNEKES offers a wide range of high-quality receptacle combinations that have been field-tested for many years in different industries all over the world.

Our products range from wall-mounted receptacle combinations, ceiling-hanging versions and mobile solutions for large industrial halls to free-standing combinations made of stainless steel which are particularly durable in rough environments and all weather conditions.

Benefits of our receptacles

  • compact and space-saving

  • robust enclosures made of high-grade materials

  • easy and time-saving installation

  • flexible fixture

  • versatile configuration: power and data sockets or pressurised air outlets

  • quality proven by our test laboratory

Find the perfect product here:

Search through our receptacles for walls and ceilings or mobile and free-standing versions for outside use:

Wall-mounted receptacle combinations

You can find the perfect wall mounted and plate mounted power distributors in our AMAXX and EverGUM ranges. These receptacle combinations are available in IP43 (spray proof), IP44 (splash proof) or IP67 (waterproof). The enclosures are made of our high-quality plastic AMAPLAST, particularly durable plastic that is resistant to chemicals, or solid rubber. We also offer surface mounted or flush mounted distribution boards made of stainless steel for our receptacle combinations.

Wall-mounted receptacle combinationsFlush mounted receptacle combinations

Hanging receptacle combinations

Custom solutions: Our hanging power distributors are easily installed in the ceiling, extremely compact, and certain models are equipped with grip rails for convenient manoeuvring. AMAXX, AirKRAFT, 3KRAFT and DELTA-BOX help you reach every corner of your factory or facility. Our receptacle combinations with IP44 are protected against splash water, the models with IP67 and IP68 are protected against temporary immersion under water. We use high-grade plastic or special materials that are resistant to chemical attacks to produce robust enclosures.

Hanging receptacle combinations

Mobile receptacle combinations

Are you looking for portable power distributors that can be moved around your work site? Our mobile receptacle combinations are the right solution! We offer a variety of portable combinations like the EverBOX, EverGUM and AMAXX.

Mobile receptacle combinationsMore about EverBOX Grip

Free-standing receptacle combinations

Our free-standing receptacle combinations are made of durable materials to endure heavy impacts and weather conditions. This range includes steel tube power posts and custom productions like the CombiTOWER with AMAXX combinations made of stainless steel.

Free-standing receptacle combinations


Do you have any questions on receptacle combinations? We'll be happy to assist you. Just talk to us!

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