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MENNEKES EverGUM receptacle combination 70352
MENNEKES EverGUM receptacle combination 70352 images3d

EverGUM receptacle combination 70352

CEE 16 A, 5 p, 400 V
SCHUKO® 16 A, 230 V
  • solid rubber enclosure, signal yellow RAL 1003
  • pre-wired for installation
  • Part no.70352
  • EAN4015394134923
  • Std. Pack. 1
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Technical specifications

EverGUM receptacle combination 70352

CEE 16 A, 5 p, 400 V 2
SCHUKO® 16 A, 230 V 4
  • 1 RCD 40 A, 4 p, 0.03 A
Pre-fuse max. 16 A
InA 16 A
Connection/feeder cable
  • 2 m H07RN-F5G2.5 with CEE-plug 16 A, 5 p, 400 V
Protection type IP44
Enclosure material Solid rubber
Weight 6700 g
Length 306 mm
Height 288 mm
Width 230 mm
Certifications EAC
Storage receptacle combination A


EverGUM receptacle combination 70352

Frequently asked questions about the product

Are there IP5x EverGUM products?

The standard IP protection classes for the EverGUM product series are IP 44 and IP 67. Another protection class can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can I order partially wired receptacle combinations from MENNNEKES?

We only offer completely wired receptacle combinations, whose quality and safety have been tested in accordance with the standard DIN EN/IEC 61439 .

Can I make changes to the receptacle combination or extend it?

Making a modification to the receptacle combination will make you the manufacturer of the product and you will have to assume full liability for the product.

Is there a stand available for the mobile EverGUM?

Our EverGUM® combination units are suitable for free-standing floor applications. A stand is therefore not required. 

Are receptacle combinations from MENNEKES tested and approved by the VDE institute (or equivalent body)?

Receptacle combinations from MENNEKES can be subject to various product standards. Usually, we manufacture product series in accordance with IEC 61439, IEC 60309 and VDE 0620.

Are there protection type IP5x EverGUM products?

The products of our EverGUM family fulfil the requirements for protection type IP44 as standard. We would be happy to check whether we could equip an EverGUM product so that it meets the requirements for another protection type as a special solution.

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