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Wall mounted receptacle DUOi by MENNEKES

Double protection in optimized design

DUOi wall mounted receptacle for high-pressure cleaning
The wall mounted receptacle DUOi in the food processing industry.
Water jet from a high-pressure cleaner hits the DUOi wall mounted receptacle
The DUOi with IP67 / IP69 protection can endure high pressure cleaning.

Plants and machines operate day and night, conveyor belts run, and cranes load tons of material: in container ports and shipyards, heavy industry, mining, and the food industry, there is always a lot of activity. Everywhere, reliable electricity flow is essential for a smooth, cost-efficient workflow. Our completely redesigned switched and interlocked wall wounded receptacle DUOi in 16 and 32 A with an integrated LED voltage indicator excels in these demanding environments.

Convenient and time-saving installation
The base of our wall mounted receptacle DUOi is rotatable by 180 degrees. This allows flexible cable entry from above or below using the M32 cable gland. The base has four closed cable entry openings with pre-threaded holes (3 x M25 and 1 x M32 cables), easily pierced with a tool. This way, you only need to break open the required cable entries, saving blind plugs, and keeping the wall mounted receptacle maximally sealed and protected. Sturdy cable glands for M32 and M25 cables are also available as accessories.
Convenient cable installation is possible thanks to the removable mounting plate. The receptacle, isolating switch and voltage display board are pre-wired on the mounting plate, allowing you to quickly mount all components on the wall. The receptacle and switch can also be easily removed as a unit through the mounting plate for maintenance work on a secure surface.
Our switched and interlocked wall mounted receptacle DUOi features four captive combination head screws – with quick-thread double threads and an internal slotted drive. This allows you to quickly and flexibly close and open the enclosure with an Allen key or slotted screwdriver. The combination head housing screws are made of plastic and are much more durable than metal screws.

Safe and easy to operate – with DUO locking
Whether installing, maintaining, or operating plugs and sockets as a professional, secure and simple handling is crucial. Our wall mounted receptacle DUOi provides you with security and comfort in a dual package.
DUO Locking 1: Our wall mounted receptacle DUOi is equipped with an isolating switch with a slip-proof rotary knob. As long as no plug is in the receptacle, the switch is set to "OFF". The DUOi is secured, and no electricity flows through it. Only in this "OFF" position can you insert or remove a plug from the receptacle – for your safety.
DUO Locking 2: When a plug is in the receptacle, you can operate the switch and set it to "ON". This mechanically locks the receptacle – the plug cannot be pulled under load. This ensures a safe and uninterrupted flow of power for supplying your plants and machines.

Energy-saving contact sleeve technology
The wall mounted receptacle DUOi is equipped with our contact sleeve technology X-CONTACT. The sleeves are slotted in an X-shape and made of resilient, elastic material. When plugging in, the plug's pin simply presses open the contact sleeve opening of the receptacle. This ensures a secure connection between the plug and receptacle. Moreover, you can easily plug and unplug the plug with up to 50 percent less effort!
For our wall mounted receptacle DUOi in protection class IP67 / IP69, the hinged cover is equipped with a textured rubber coating. This makes it extremely slip-proof even in moisture and wet conditions – and can be opened and closed safely. Opening is upwards, not towards the wall, avoiding collisions with the cables and cable glands below. The IP67 / IP69 variants of DUOi are also available in particularly chemical-resistant materials, making them suitable for environments with frequent intense cleaning. All DUOi models have a laser-engraved, undetachable nameplate.

Practical LED display
Our switched and interlocked wall mounted receptacle DUOi comes with a built-in LED status indicator. This is prominently positioned above the switch and shows the device's current status in up to 3-phase power networks. This way, you always have the operating status of the wall mounted receptacle DUOi in view:
After turning on, the LED blinks green for a few seconds while measurements are detected and checked. In normal operation, it then lights up continuously green as long as the power supply is flawless. When the receptacle is turned off or an error occurs, the indicator goes out – allowing you to react quickly.

Robust and durable for sustainable use
The enclosures of our wall mounted receptacle DUOi are made of high-quality plastic. You can choose the product solution with an enclosure made of technical thermoplastic or with a enclosure made of chemical-resistant plastic. The plastics used are impact-resistant, electrically well-insulating, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant. The special plastic also protects against aggressive substances such as chemicals, oils, greases, alkalis, and saltwater.
Depending on the variant, the wall mounted receptacle DUOi meets protection class IP 44 or IP67 / IP69 and comes with foamed seals – ensuring excellent protection against small foreign bodies and all-around splashing water or dust, even during temporary submersion or high-pressure cleaning. This means you have a product solution in your hands that is extremely robust and weather-resistant – for years of safe use.
The lower part of our wall socket is available in standardized dimensions and has the same dimensions as the lower part of the previous wall mounted receptacle DUO. Thus, you can easily replace an older DUO model with the new DUOi.
Through a centrally located QR code, you have access to installation and operating instructions, accessories or spare parts, declarations of conformity, and other documents for the wall mounted receptacle DUOi at any time.

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