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Waterproof solutions for all situations

PowerTOP Xtra family
PowerTOP Xtra plugs and connectors are available for different currents (16 to 125 A).
PowerTOP Xtra benefits IP67 / IP69
Waterproof even under pressure: Selected PowerTOP Xtra models have IP67 / IP69 protection.

In industry, on construction sites, at events, in shipbuilding, or at train stations and data centers – power must be distributed safely and flexibly under the toughest conditions. We have bundled our comprehensive CEE expertise for you in the PowerTOP Xtra family. The robust, durable plugs and connectors "Made in Germany" are available from 16 to 125 A, with various pin numbers and clock positions – and now also as a particularly waterproof version with protection class IP67 / IP69.

Rethinking ergonomics – secure handling and long lifespan
Special design and robust materials ensure that our PowerTOP Xtra plugs and connectors can be handled safely and comfortably under demanding conditions, providing extra-long product lifespan. Thanks to the ergonomic enclosure shape, textured grip zones, and textured rubber cable gland, the product solutions are easy to grip, remain perfectly slip-prood even in moisture and wet conditions and can be plugged and unplugged several thousand times. For the 63 and 125 A plugs and connectors, the cable gland docks directly to the hood, making it easy to keep the surfaces clean.
Our plug devices feature an integrated opening aid on the top part, allowing you to easily open and hold the hinged cover. The plugs and connectors are two-part – the rotary latch between the front part and the hood ensures quick and convenient assembly. For the 63 and 125 A plugs and connectors (IP67 protection class), the seals are molded into the cover and plug front part – making them permanently non-removable.

Extra strength for additional resistance
Protection against dust and water: Our PowerTOP Xtra models in 16 and 32 A meet protection class IP 54, and the particularly robust versions even IP67 / IP69, ensuring they remain waterproof during temporary submersion and high-pressure cleaning. The PowerTOP Xtra plugs and connectors in 63 A are available in protection classes IP54 or IP67, and in 125 A always in protection class IP67.
Protection against aggressive substances and high humidity: Our 63 and 125 A plugs and connectors are equipped with highly heat-resistant contact carriers and optionally with nickel-plated contacts. The contact pins in the plugs are also nickel-plated. 16 and 32 A versions are optionally available as PowerTOP Xtra R with the same robust features.

Easy and secure connection with ErgoCONTACT and SafeCONTACT
Our 63 and 125 A plugs and connectors are equipped with the proven screw-contact connection technology as a frame clamp. For all PowerTOP Xtra models in 16 and 32 A, there is the specially developed, innovative and comfortable screw-contact connection technology ErgoCONTACT. It allows for easy, secure and ergonomically sensible installation: the screwdriver is not applied from the side but straight – ensuring the screw pressure goes into the handle. The screw path is additionally supported by a guide collar, preventing slipping and minimizing the risk of injury. Only one screw per contact needs to be used – a firmly integrated, non-removable combination-head screw, operable with both cross and slotted screwdrivers. All screws point in the same direction, eliminating the need to turn the front part by hand to tighten the contact screws of the individual poles one by one – saving precious time.
Our plugs and connectors in 16 and 32 A are also available in the PowerTOP Xtra S variant with the screwless cutting-clamp technology SafeCONTACT. Here, you no longer need to strip or pretreat the conductors – saving more than half of the conventional connection time and future maintenance!

Comfortable installation – with minimal tool usage
We have further perfected the installation process for our PowerTOP® Xtra family: Using the self-finding thread of the enclosure, a locking slide and the cable gland, you can easily and time-efficiently install our plug devices with few tools.

Effort-saving plugging and unplugging – with X-CONTACT
All PowerTOP® Xtra models are equipped with our contact sleeve technology X-CONTACT. The sleeves are slotted in an X-shape and made of resilient, elastic material. This allows for particularly easy plugging and unplugging of plugs and sockets – with up to 50 percent less effort! Thus, even at high currents of 63 and 125 A, you can connect or disconnect plugs and connectors on your own.
For the PowerTOP® Xtra connectors in 63 and 125 A, the inner walls of the X-CONTACT sleeves are additionally grooved. The combination of inner grooving, resilient material, and slitting of the sleeves ensures that plugs and sockets are optimally and securely connected. Moreover, due to the nature of the contact sleeves, dirt and surface corrosion are self-removed during plugging and unplugging. This ensures no wear and tear, even with rough handling and frequent plugging and unplugging under load, and the material remains fatigue-free. Thus, you can use our PowerTOP® Xtra plug devices "Made in Germany" safely and reliably for many years.

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