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MENNEKES presents numerous innovations at “Light + Building”

World premiere of the new wall-mount home chargers and many additional new and advanced product solutions

Exhibition time is premiere time: MENNEKES will present new and advanced product solutions from the sectors of eMobility and industrial plugs and sockets at the “Light + Building”, in hall 12.1, booths B90 to B91, from March 3 to 8, 2024. 

An exclusive highlight for all visitors to the exhibition will be the world premiere of MENNEKES wall-mount home chargers – a complete, next generation product family that covers the entire bandwidth of home charging applications. A host of new and innovative features for a comfortable and customized use will be showcased. In addition, the pioneer and inventor of the type 2 charging standard will present the wall-mount charger series for professional charging applications at companies or major building complexes as well as numerous other, new and advanced eMobility product solutions for different target groups. 

In the area of industrial plugs and sockets, MENNEKES will present solutions that are precision-tailored to meet the requirements of various sectors and applications, including practical upgrades to facilitate work routines, like the proven PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets for 16 to 32 amps, which are now also available as IP67 or IP69 rated devices for the food industry.

Experience live for the first time: the new wall-mount home chargers from MENNEKES

On the occasion of the exhibition, MENNEKES will launch its new, smart wall-mount home chargers for the private sector – these are the first carbon neutral manufactured product solutions of the electrotechnical specialist from Germany's Sauerland region. The next generation B2C wall-mount charger series is set apart by a number of smart functions that facilitate charging at home comfortably, and a special feature that can be personalized. Visitors to the exhibition booth can explore the new wall-mount chargers and experience, live and exclusively, the launch of the new B2B wall-mount charger series for professional charging applications. 

There are two new apps that have been developed for the new wall-mount chargers. The app for electric vehicle drivers enables easy use of the wall-mount chargers while the app for electrical installers assists with commissioning and configuring the wall-mount charger. 

The full range: double wall-mount charger, charging columns with a plug & charge function and an integrated payment terminal as well as a software for managing the charging points

In addition to its new single wall-mount chargers, MENNEKES will present the new double wall-mount charger AMTRON® Professional Twincharge to a broad audience for the first time at the “Light + Building”. This is a solution for simultaneously charging several electric vehicles in the public or semi-public sector, saving time, money, and space. The double wall-mount charger is equipped with the latest electronics, intelligent networking capabilities, a modern energy and load management system and an optional plug & charge function. A calibration law compliant variant of the AMTRON® Professional Twincharge will also be available. The double wall-mount charger is installed with a few simple steps thanks to the practical terminal box. The device comes fitted with protective equipment such as AC and DC residual current monitoring devices, circuit breakers, and surge protection. 

Also new: The Smart T PnC charging column with optional plug & charge function for charging in the public sector. In busy lives, this intelligent solution provides a particularly time-saving means of charging electric vehicles. As usual, the charging columns can be enabled for a charging process via app or charge card. Thanks to the plug & charge function, however, this can be accomplished in a much more convenient manner: with plug & charge, the electric vehicle is recognized through the inserted charging cable, and the charging process is automatically authorized and charging takes place directly. Requirement: the electric vehicle and the connected back-end system already support the PnC function. The charging column also offers numerous additional advantages such as a TAB-compliant power outlet.

MENNEKES offers two solutions for contactless credit or debit card payment for electricity used to charge in a public location: the Smart T PnC charging column with an integrated NFC terminal and the HecPay payment terminal, which can be set up next to MENNEKES charging columns and wall-mount chargers as an external addition.

MENNEKES exhibition range in the sector of eMobility is rounded off by the free Charge Point Manager, software, which can be used to quickly and easily set up, configure and manage several charging columns and wall-mount chargers, the well-established AMEDIO® Professional charging columns for industrial and commercial applications, and the AMTRON® Professional wall-mount chargers for the semi-public sector. 

Precision-tailored solutions: industrial plugs and sockets for the food industry, logistics centers, the automotive industry, data centers and wind power stations

Especially for the food industry, MENNEKES will present its versatile PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets for 16 to 32 amps, now IP67 or IP69 rated, at the “Light + Building”. This way, plugs and connectors are provided with optimum protection against the ingress of water and water build-ups, especially when using pressure cleaners for cleaning work, and ensure that power continues to be supplied without a problem.

The switched and interlocked DUO wall mounted receptacle in the 16-amp or 32-amp version is now also available as a “DUOi wall mount receptacle” with a voltage indicator. This way, you can always see the operating status of the DUOi. The LED lights up green in normal operation; if there is a fault the LED goes out so that you can respond quickly. This product solution is perfectly suitable for supplying energy in the automotive industry, logistics centers, and the food industry as well as for demanding applications found in container ports, shipyards or factories.

For the sensitive sector of data centers, MENNEKES will present extremely heat-resistant and durable plugs and sockets that guarantee the failsafe supply of power. For the renewable energy sector, and especially for wind power stations, there are variable receptacle combinations and plugs and sockets for up to 690 volts.

The range also includes tried and tested receptacle combinations that can be mounted on walls, suspended from ceilings, or carried along for free-standing installation, making them a universal resource for ensuring a stable and flexible supply of power in the automotive industry, logistics centers, the food industry and other sectors. 

In the case of an emergency: reliable industrial plugs and sockets for the supply of backup power

For the backup power supply of critical infrastructures like hospitals and nursing homes, fire departments, disaster relief organizations, or industrial and agricultural facilities, MENNEKES has various special plugs and sockets to offer in compliance with the current DIN VDE 0100-551 standard – all with the special one-hour time setting and IP67 rated.