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Looking for quick and easy connection?

You can’t miss the MENNEKES TwinCONTACT – a spring terminal in a newly designed receptacle. Remove the insulation, insert the conductors, and you’re done. The contact is safely in place and it is even approved as a connection terminal – undo the conductor, that’s all it takes. Press the red button and remove the conductor – this is our concept of convenient and time-saving handling.

Colour-coded terminals for unmistakable connections.

Suitable for solid conductors and flexible conductors (with end sleeve for strands, crimped so as to be gas-tight or ultrasonically welded).
Cond. cross section:
at 16 A: 1.5 - 4.0 mm²
at 32 A: 2.5 - 10.0 mm²

Safe and easy. With the new MENNEKES TwinCONTACT, the connection of CEE and/or SCHUKO® receptacles is easily established.

Panel mounted receptacles with TwinCONTACT technology. For installation in ducts, distributors, control cubicles, ...