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Practical information


On our knowledge pages, we have compiled a variety of practical information for you. Here you will find articles on current norms and standards in electrical engineering, protection classes, and the structure of plugs and sockets, as well as other technical information on plugs, connectors, and receptacle combinations. Another section explains technical terms and names of our MENNEKES product solutions, along with our innovative connection and contact sleeve technologies. If you are interested in a behind-the-scenes look, you can also learn more about our training offerings and factory tours.

Electrical Professional

Here you will find information on currently applicable norms and standards, as well as technical terms and designations in the field of industrial plugs and sockets.

Product Knowledge

Our product solutions are characterized by the well-known MENNEKES quality. Learn more about the materials, technologies, and techniques we use.



Do you want to learn more about our plugs and sockets, our charging solutions, or take a look at our production facilities? Here, you can find more information about training and factory visits with us in Kirchhundem in Germany.



Do you have questions about a planned project? Here you will find the right contact person at MENNEKES. Our colleagues are available throughout Germany, Europe, and worldwide.