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MENNEKES eMobility Gateway

Stay Connected with the eMobility Gateway!

No network connection! This is a problem that most likely sounds familiar to anyone installing charging systems in underground or above-ground parking garages, those who are operating charging stations there as the local electricity supplier or electric utility provider, or business owners, entrepreneurs, or landlords who would like to offer their customers, employees, or tenants an additional charging point service. In multi-story and underground parking garages, reinforced concrete walls and ceilings can often block the signals needed to connect. Charging systems must be connected to or interact with a higher-level backend system (for example, the Germany-based “chargecloud”) via the mobile network to be able to accept various payment modes.

We have THE solution for you: MENNEKES has developed the eMobility Gateway as a practical accessory for charging stations so that a signal is reliably available at underground and above-ground parking garages. This gateway is simply installed outdoors, on the exterior wall of the building where the charging station is installed, where a signal is reliably available, and networked with the relevant products. The equipment is excellently protected by a lockable weather-proof enclosure.

eMobility Gateway Professional+

MENNEKES Professional Charging Systems are well-networked

The new eMobility Gateway Professional+ is compatible with all Professional systems from MENNEKES and thus completes the product portfolio.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable reception in buildings with a poor or without a network connection
  • Easily connected to the backend system via wireless communications
  • Local access to charging-related data and statistics through a mobile terminal thanks to integrated WiFi
  • Gateway as time server when installed without local Internet connection
  • Robust lockable housing made of AMELAN®.
  • Connection of up to 50 charging points to a backend system via SIM card

Integrated mobile router

WLAN access to charging points

Integrated SIM card

General connectivity to backend system via wireless communications

If charging point systems are installed in areas without wireless reception, it makes no sense to have a wireless antenna integrated into the charging station. Instead, the antenna is located in a separate device, the MENNEKES eMobility Gateway, which you can use outdoors in areas with good wireless reception. The gateway serves as an “intermediary” and ensures that a signal is reliably available to Professional charging stations at all times. A SIM card is used to establish a connection with the backend system, which is pre-configured for use via chargecloud.

eMobility Gateway as a time server for Professional charging points

For some charging point functions, such as managing charging statistics, a valid time signal is required, which Professional charging systems usually obtain through an internet time server. If there is no internet connection, the eMobility Gateway offers an optimal solution: It serves as a time server that locally provides AMTRON® and AMEDIO® Professional devices with a valid time signal.

Using the gateway to access charging points via WiFi

In order to be able to access your own charging point in an apartment building, for example, a WiFi network can be established in the area of the charging points, similar to a router that is used at home, with the aid of the eMobility Gateway.

This way, a tenant can simply log in to the WiFi network via a mobile terminal and access the web interface and the charging point by entering the IP address. The charging status can be conveniently viewed via the user-friendly web interface, plus, charging statistics can be exported and expenses for charging the company car with electricity at home can be settled with the employer.

eMobility Gateway for AMTRON® Premium

For AMTRON® Premium and Smart charging systems, MENNEKES is also offering a separate gateway, which is installed on an exterior wall where a signal is reliably available.

To the gateway for Premium charging stations