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Power for a sustainable world

Our local environmental protection projects

We regularly realize specific environmental protection projects in the Sauerland region because we want to ensure that our homeland with its beautiful nature is preserved and worthwhile living in for generations to come.

Environmental protection and respite in the middle of an industrial park: Renaturalization of the Rahrbach stream

At our Kirchhundem-Welschen Ennest location, we succeeded in harmonizing industry and nature. The Rahrbach stream flows right through the middle of our business premises. The straightening of the stream had occurred a long time ago and the body of water looked bare and the state of the stream bank did not really look appealing. All of that is in the past since May of 2022. As part of a three-year renaturalization project with the community of Kirchhundem, and at the cost of roughly 480,000 euros, a pocket of land on a 520 meter long and 7000 square meter wide area was created with the natural course of the Rahrbach stream and the natural biodiversity restored, providing a public space for rest, social interaction and recreation.

Reforestation of native tree species: Tree planting campaign by our apprentices and trainees

Trees are sick and dying in many places in Germany. Summers of drought, bark beetles and storms have taken their toll. In North Rhine Westphalia alone, roughly 75,000 hectares of land must undergo reforestation according to Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz NRW. However, a transformation is taking place and even small local contributions can help. At the end of 2021, MENNEKES apprentices and trainees and the apprentices and trainees from Regionalforstamt Kurkölnisches Sauerland of Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz NRW joined forces to plant dozens of new trees on a piece of woodland above our company premises.

Protecting bees and biodiversity: Environmental project of our apprentices, trainees and employees

They are small and they play an essential role in our ecosystem and for humans: bees. These insects are among the most important pollinators and they support the growth of numerous wild plants and crop plants. The most well-known species of bees here is the honey bee. Since April 2022, three colonies of bees each with 30,000 to 50,000 honey bees have been calling the company premises home, directly next to the logistics center in Kirchhundem-Welschen Ennest. Our apprentices, trainees and our co-worker, Thomas Hennecke, who has completed his beekeeper training, are taking care of the bees after work – and the honey bees have already produced their first award-winning honey.