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WEEE Directive

Disposal of old devices

Within the scope of the WEEE directive, we, as a manufacturer of electrotechnical product solutions are under obligation to provide our B2B customers with a return and disposal service of commercially used old devices from MENNEKES at no charge.

If you are one of our B2B customers or a customer of our industrial and commercial products and would like to return your old devices from MENNEKES and have us dispose of them, we kindly ask you to get in touch with your MENNEKES contact person.

Erasing personal information on old devices

Please note: You are responsible for erasing any personal information on the electric device before disposal.

Regarding the “crossed out wheeled bin” symbol

The WEEE directive requires our electrotechnical product solutions for our B2B customers and customers of our industrial and commercial products to be marked with the “crossed out wheeled bin” symbol, effective January 1, 2022. This symbol is used to point out that at the end of the lifecycle of the relevant device, you will have to separate it from unsorted municipal solid waste and/or household waste and dispose of it or pass it on to waste disposal. 

Recycling options for private households

If you are one of our B2C customers or a private end customer, you can continue to return non-commercially used old devices from MENNEKES, free of charge, to collection points of public-law bodies responsible for waste disposal or to retailers.