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MENNEKES makes you fit for eMobility

More and more drivers are switching to electric cars – and also want to charge them at home. But first they need answers to a lot of questions. Electricians also need reliable information in order to confidently plan and install charging systems. We provide valuable information for installers and users. 

Information for electrical specialists

We support you for planning, installing and servicing charging systems. Whether it's about hooking up a wallbox at a single-family detached home or planning and implementing a car park with multiple charging station, you can count on getting the information you need from us. 

Compatible systems and interfaces

Charging solutions from MENNEKES are compatible with many leading (home) energy management systems. We've prepared a table in which you can see at a glance which products can be connected via which interfaces to which systems.

Find here compatible systems
Designation of charging points

Charging points for electric road vehicles must be consistently designated by standardised identifiers that let drivers easily tell whether their charging cables are compatible. You'll find complete information on identifiers for charging facilities here.

Labelling of charging points
Future-proof charging standards

What ISO 15118 is all about, which electric cars are supported by the standard, what technology is behind it and what "plug & charge" means - you can find out all this here.

Future-safe charging solutions