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Through the product pages, you can find detailed information about our plugs and sockets. The highlight pages showcase our most-used product solutions – including plugs and connectors from the PowerTOP® Xtra family, the switched and interlocked wall mounted receptacle DUOi, and our customizable AMAXX® receptacle combinations. Under product-specific solutions, you can search specifically for product groups and filter based on your requirements. The section on application-specific solutions provides an overview of products for specific areas of use.


Here you will find detailed information about product solutions that are used worldwide in various industries. The DUOi wall mounted receptacle excels with mechanical locking and voltage display, plugs and couplings from the PowerTOP® Xtra series are robust and durable for use in the toughest conditions, our AMAXX® power distributors can be customized according to your wishes – including with integrated measuring equipment – and our innovative contact sleeve technology X-CONTACT® makes handling MENNEKES product solutions particularly easy.


Here you will find our product solutions sorted by categories – in addition to industrial plugs and sockets, our expanded portfolio also includes SCHUKO® sockets, data ports, accessories, and spare parts. Click on the respective page to find the right products there.


For various applications, we offer a wide selection of sockets, plugs, connectors, and power distributors. Here you can search for specific products for selected areas.


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