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DUOi Switched & Interlocked

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Power for a sustainable world

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Power your Business

The right solution for every application.

Solutions for the food industry

Strict hygiene rules and specifications apply in the sensitive segment of the food industry. This is where our waterproof receptacles, plugs and connectors come into play. These are always easy and safe to use, even in wet environments.

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Solutions for wind turbines

In the wind power sector, we are involved in all stages of energy generation: Our receptacles and receptacle combinations are used both in the production facilities of wind turbines and in the tower of the finished turbine. We also have suitable plugs and sockets for assembly work when erecting the tower segments.

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Solutions for automotive production

We offer suitable receptacle combinations, plugs and connectors for plant and building technology in the automotive industry and its suppliers. In addition to our all-rounder AMAXX and the robust PowerTOP Xtra plugs and sockets, here you will also find detachable power distributors for supplying power to large production halls.

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Solutions for Logistics Centers

To ensure that goods and merchandise can be transported quickly, logistics centers need a reliable power supply. Our versatile AMAXX receptacle combinations, suspendable DELTA-BOX models and other product solutions ensure smooth processes in various areas of the logistics sector.

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Reliable power for data centers

Huge amounts of data are processed in data centers every day - the servers need a fail-safe connection to the power grid. Our CEE plugs impress with easy installation and maintenance as well as a reliable, long-term power supply for powerful servers.

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Other industrial sectors

Our product solutions have been in use in various application areas around the world for years. They excel with their simple installation, safe handling and durability. Here you will find an overview of all the sectors for which we offer specialist products.

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Find the right industrial plugs and sockets for every application.

CEE plugs and connectors for all applications: Our PowerTOP Xtra Family

In industry, on construction sites, at events, in shipbuilding, or at train stations and data centers – power must be distributed safely and flexibly under the toughest conditions. We have bundled our comprehensive CEE expertise for you in the PowerTOP Xtra family. The robust, durable plugs and connectors "Made in Germany" are available from 16 to 125 A, with various pin numbers and clock positions – and now also as a particularly waterproof version with protection class IP67 / IP69.

PowerTOP Xtra CEE plugs and CEE connectors
Our DUOi wall mounted receptacle: The clever helper for your industrial sector

Plants and machines operate day and night, conveyor belts run, and cranes load tons of material: in container ports and shipyards, heavy industry, mining, and the food industry, there is always a lot of activity. Everywhere, reliable electricity flow is essential for a smooth, cost-efficient workflow. Our completely redesigned switched and interlocked wall wounded receptacle DUOi in 16 and 32 A with an integrated LED voltage indicator excels in these demanding environments.

Wall mounted receptacles DUOi
MENNEKES receptacle combinations

To support this claim, we provide a comprehensive range of receptacle combinations. Whether wall, ceiling or floor - as a specialist in industrial connectors, MENNEKES offers the right receptacle combinationfor every requirement. Even with the standard variants, we cover a very wide range:

MENNEKES receptacle combinations
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MENNEKES presents next gen charging stations

AMTRON® 4You and AMTRON® 4Business for charging at home and in the commercial sector

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Wall mounted receptacle DUOi by MENNEKES

Double protection in optimized design

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