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Applications for tunnels

Safe crossing at full speed

In many ways tunnel systems are a particular technical challenge. For example, high demands are placed on receptacle combinations in railway tunnels. For train travel with a speed of up to 300 km/h, they are subject to extreme stress due to several changes of pressure. Verification of sufficient strength with regard to aerodynamic effects is required for all components that are directly installed in the tunnel.

MENNEKES has developed its own range of receptacle combinations that can be reliably used for the operation of electrical rescue devices as well as for lighting scenes of an accident. Sub-distributors for the tunnel safety lighting are also included in the solution portfolio for the rail infrastructure in railway tunnels. The necessary approvals and authorizations for DB Netz AG Germany, ÖBB Austria and SBB Switzerland are available for AMAXX® receptacle combinations. MENNEKES receptacle combinations are also reliably in service in the Gotthard Tunnel.

Safety is always the highest priority in railway tunnels. In an emergency, rescue teams also depend on finding a reliable electrical supply for heavy equipment. Here MENNEKES offers the optimum solution with AMAXX® receptacle combinations. As a customized solution, AMAXX® receptacle combinations from MENNEKES can be fitted with different receptacles as required. CEE and SCHUKO® receptacles as well as fault current switches and circuit breakers can be combined on site in a very flexible manner to meet the relevant requirements. Together with optimum protection, the transparent window ensures a quick overview and access.

MENNEKES offers suitable solutions for the design of tunnel safety lighting. The fuse boxes for tunnel special lighting as well as MENNEKES receptacle combinations have been generally approved by Deutsche Bahn (in accordance with Directive 954.9107).

AMAXX® tunnel receptacle combination

AMAXX® tunnel receptacle combination made of AMELAN

EverGUM tunnel receptacle combination

AMAXX® tunnel power distributor

  • modular structure
  • can be fitted with individual options
  • high resistance against chemicals
  • high dimensional stability
  • high dieletric strength and creep resistance
  • robust enclosure
  • modular structure

A green light for all your maintenance requirements

There are special demands for receptacle combinations in the track area of DC railways. They are included in the scope of service of MENNEKES. In many cities and towns of the world, customer solutions have often been in use for decades, primarily for maintenance tasks. The high level of flexibility of the fitting of AMAXX® receptacle combinations with receptacles, switches, relays, alarms and other functions pays off in order to individually adapt to the relevant requirements. Thanks to the modular design of our AMAXX® enclosure, a comfortable connection space can be provided even for large cable cross-sections. Our receptacle combinations can be easily assembled using the sliding mounting rails and hinged enclosure cover. To guarantee a high level of safety for the user, MENNEKES uses special ground fault circuit protection in its products.

For the enclosure materials of receptacle combinations, MENNEKES offers a variety of different solutions that are completely geared towards specific project requirements. Products made of AMELAN combine high mechanical, thermal and electrical properties with excellent resistance to chemicals and dimensional stability. For use in areas where aggressive substances place special demands on the material, AMELAN offers resistantance to fuels, oils and greases, diluted acids and bases, cleaners and most aqueous salt solutions. In contrast, the enclosure of EverGUM tunnel receptacle combinations consists of a solid rubber mixture. The material also has a high creep resistance and dialectric strength. EverGUM receptacle combinations are available in two different enclosure sizes in signal yellow or black.

Combinations for the track area

Products made of AMELAN

EverGUM tunnel receptacle combinations

  • different enclosure materials possible
  • can be fitted with individual options
  • high mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • high dieletric strength and creep resistance
  • signal yellow or black enclosure