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Standard material

In addition to the conventional wall mounted receptacles, the MENNEKES range up to 400 A also includes variants with increased corrosion protection and fusing, as well as residual current protection. This is excellent for industrial applications where the demands imposed on material and products are extremely high.

Our range includes variants of 110-500 V and protection classes IP 44 (splash-proof) up to IP 67 (water-proof).

PowerTOP® Xtra is a complete product family with solutions for every application area. In this regard plugs, connectors and phase inverters have been completely reworked and optimized in every detail.

With X-CONTACT® MENNEKES has developed a completely innovative contact sleeve solution for industrial plugs and sockets setting new standards in safety, reliability and durability.

Wall mounted receptacles DUO

  • can be switched off/locked
  • if the receptacle is switched on it is not possible to remove the plug

PowerTOP® Xtra family

  • ergonomically optimized design
  • simplified assembly
  • simple and secure connection
  • all PowerTOP® Xtra have X-CONTACT® inside
  • available in IP 69
  • intelligent detection


  • secure contact closure and simple handling
  • as much as 50% less expenditure of force

Wall mounting

Good planning and project planning involves the selection of suitable products. With AMAXX® receptacle combinations by MENNEKES you are optimally equipped, regardless of the environment. The proven product family has been in reliable operation for years and is therefore field-tested.

Thanks to receptacles pointing downwards at an angle, little space is required for inserted cables. The standard front cover colour is electric grey. On request we can offer the colour variants silver and yellow.

Wherever there is a need for a robust material in an attractive design, stainless steel surface-mounted receptacle combinations are the right choice.

The EverGUM series is made from solid rubber. In applications with harsh mechanical conditions or aggressive cleaning agents EverGUM enclosures are always the right choice.

AMAXX® receptacle combination

Stainless steel distributors

EverGUM receptacle combination

  • inclined downwards receptacles
  • modular design
  • individually configurable
  • modern design
  • lockable in plugged-in status
  • impact-resistant
  • high dieletric strength and creep resistance

Suspendable solutions

Every industrial plant has workplaces which cannot be supplied with energy by conventional wall combinations.

MENNEKES offers a practical solution in the form of suspendable combinations to supply the workplaces with electricity from ceiling trays.

MENNEKES offers several groups of products for this: the suspendable AMAXX® combinations, the AirKRAFT and 3KRAFT products as well as Delta-BOXES.

AMAXX® suspendable

• modular design
• handle
• can be equipped with receptacles on two sides


• compressed air connection possible


• fusing possible



• mounted suspension system

Mobile distributors

Most industrial plants need mobile power distributors. Whether in production halls with mobile equipment or for maintenance and service, mobile combinations from MENNEKES are an optimum solution for all applications.

For mobile applications, MENNEKES offers various solutions: AMAXX® combinations are also available as portable variants. The EverGUM series also includes portable distributors and receptacle strips for harsh mechanical conditions. Thanks to the solid rubber enclosure, they can resist acids and alkalies.

The mobile PE distributors provide numerous combination options in stackable insulated enclosures for indoor and outdoor use. The unique, newly developed addition to the family of mobile products is the EverBOX® Grip: Developed for the very demanding and mostly confined working environments at shipyards, this 'power pack' offers a new approach to mobile distribution.

AMAXX® combination

EverBOX® Grip – mobile distributors

Mobile EverGUM distributor

  • safe distribution on-site
  • robust enclosure
  • On/Off switch can be integrated
  • fusing on-site (for example with fire protection switch in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-420)
  • available with or without supply cable
  • compact enclosure and stackable
  • minimal weight and convenient to carry
  • protected receptacles
  • ground clearance prevents water ingress
  • robust
  • colour – signal yellow
  • available with or without supply cable

Stand-alone combinations

In industrial facilities and outdoor areas there are many applications that require a stand alone distributor with a fixed position.

In these cases, stand-alone combinations from MENNEKES meet the highest standards.

Our diverse portfolio covers a broad variety of applications but we also offer customized solutions.

Whether you need highly stable power posts or robust stainless steel enclosures with locking systems, MENNEKES has the right solution for you.

Power post

Stand-alone combinations

Application example