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Eye-catching and effective.

We help you to show your competencies in the best light. Make use of our eye-catching promotional products and offer your customers a professional showroom with "MENNEKES" quality on hand for them to experience themselves.Support your sales pitch as your clients "grasp" the benefits of our products for themselves and let the brand quality speak for itself. We offer a wide range of promotional products to support your sales activities. This is intended to attract new customers, maintain existing customer contacts and expand our brand awareness.

For the counter

Counter display – small yet powerful

For your sales counter – small yet powerful. With the counter display (optional TFT monitor available) on your sales counter, you'll be sure to attract attention to the latest MENNEKES products. Perfect for promoting a “hands-on” experience during demonstrations and conversations at the sales counter. Our handy perspex displays can be used for showcasing promotional material or special offers.

Sample case packed for you

Sample case - mobile, handy and fully equipped

Everything you need for the perfect presentation: with all the latest samples of our popular products, no question will be left unanswered!

Small gifts receive the customers.

Ball pen


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Contact us. Other promotional products are available on request.