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EverBOX® Grip

EverBOX® Grip – Mobile distributor with grip

Portable, sturdy, handy - Our mobile power distributor EverBOX® Grip is all of that and more. This receptacle combination is perfect for indoor and outdoor work spaces with rough working conditions that need a reliable power supply in constricted room.

We developed the idea for the EverBOX® Grip in cooperation with a shipbuilding customer. But our mobile power distributor is also an ideal solution for many other industrial sectors like mining plants, construction sites in tram and railway tunnels or canals, and the steel industry. Exhibiton stand construction companies and event locations, fire departments and civil protection are among our customers as well.

The EverBOX® Grip has a compact design and is made of light materials, making it easy to move the power distributor around and guarantee reliable power supply - always at hand.

Benefits of the EverBOX® Grip

The grip rails on our EverBOX® Grip are not just a prominent feature, they also form a solid framwork securely containing the power distribution and fuse elements.

You can easily carry our benchmark-setting EverBOX® Grip thanks to its handy grip rails - even while wearing work gloves. It also features a supply cable with a CEE plug, available in 16, 32 and 63 A.

1 Large grips

Lateral grips offer easy handling and simultaneously act as bumpers for the distributor enclosure.

2 Fusing is protected, but easily reachable

Fusing under transparent covers. Easily accessible protective devices.

3 Robust and impact-resistant enclosure

The actual PE enclosure of the distributor is extremely robust and offers excellent protection for the fitting options – additionally safeguarded via the grips as exterior bumpers.

4 Grips can be selected in two colors

All EverBOX® Grip combinations can be equipped either with red or black grips.

5 Protection class

The EverBOX® Grip offers the IP 44 degree of protection.

6 Easy storage

Thanks to the grips up to four EverBOX® Grip distributors can be stacked one on top of the other.

7 Receptacles that can be operated from above

The receptacles that can be operated from above offer optimal access thanks to their angled position.

8 Connection

The EverBOX® Grip is available with a permanently installed supply cable (2 m).

9 Dimensions

530 x 370 x 320 mm

Portable power distributors for every situation

The EverBOX Grip® was designed as a concept idea for shipyards - Now it helps many industrial sectors in need of solid and space-saving receptacle combinations that can withstand rough conditions.

Tunnel construction

Shipyards and ports

Trade fairs and exhibitions

Industrial applications

Do you have any questions on EverBOX® Grip? We'll be happy to assist you. Just talk to us!